Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sold and Relists - Relief Item For Japan

What a wonderful  feeling it always is (never gets old!!!) to have someone purchase my jewelry.

This is going to its new home in Canada today...(I have one more identical Sugilite stone which is ready to be made into a ring or a pendant, please convo me if you have an interest in this...)

This was a private, custom order that went out last week...custom orders are welcome! :-)

Please please please, do a search on Etsy for Japan Relief and find lots of very nice hand made items which most or portions of the sale proceeds will go to Red Cross to help those who are suffering in Japan.

This is my donation, it has not sold yet, I'm hoping it goes soon and I will donate 80$ to the Red Cross...(this items has 12 Hearts from Etsians, which means it will hopefully sell soon)

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