Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jewelry Making Supplies, Handmade, Vintage and Found

I often  come across many beautiful pieces of old jewelry, and have very good access to jewelry supplies. This being said, AutumnLeavesJewelry is now going to feature these items in my Supply section from my Etsy shop.
Currently I have a plastic ring sizer, which if used properly can size nicely.
I'm adding these today...not made by me, but oh did I fall for them hard when I saw them. I'm keeping a pair for myself to make into earrings for personal use
They each have a lovely turquoise cabochon and are seated in a bezel atop of layers of sterling silver in what looks like a flower. On the bottom are two tiny areas where an earwire or split ring, or anything your heart desires can be attached. They could be made into rings using a wire wrap technique, the sky seems to be the limit with these Lovelies! :-)

(these span about 10mm)

I'm listing them shortly...

(they should go fast...so if you are interested, let me know)
thanks,  have a wonderful day!!!


Willow Branch said...

They're just lovely...so detailed.


ckdowns said...

These are some beautiful blossoms, dear Care!!!

And good for you for cleaning--I need to do some of that, too--excavate my way down through the stacks of notes and papers at my desk. I don't think I'll have any pretty blue blossoms to show for it, though.

:-) Happy spring!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Friends!!! :-)

Things have been super slow on Etsy, sign of the economy and so many changes to Etsy site...
in the mean time,


(Yes such detail in these, I wish I could meet the hands who made them)

CrashingBison said...

I LOVE these!! would have bought them the moment you listed them! Soon, hopefully, soon. Yes, you are right...the economy, my specifically at the moment, stinks right now...

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Vita!!! Aren't they? I wish I could claim the handy work as mine! They would make awesome earrings, parts of necklaces, etc! :-)

Alyssa Udall said...

I agree with you guys... a lot of Etsy sellers are experiencing slow sales because of the tough economy. Hopefully it will get better soon if we just hang in there! :)
--Alyssa (Chewlry)