Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Relief Art Pieces Here

I have a challenge for us. Let's help Japan through our art pieces and our time.

Who else would like to donate a piece, or make pieces of art for Japan? Etsy has been doing a good job of getting donation pieces on the front page.

My challenge is to give all or at least HALF of the proceeds (minus shipping, oh okay) Even if it's an item that is not super costly it would benefit in so many ways beyond just giving money. I have been feeling sad and helpless, aside from prayers and crying and giving 10$ to the Red Cross via text I thought we could form a group on Etsy for Smithers to donate and continue to donate a piece.

This morning, while finishing a different custom order, my fears and sadness were turned into feelings  of empowerment through smithing this piece...It's a simple piece, and it's made with thoughts of people living in Japan in mind.

The Etsy forums have shrunk and are hard to navigate these days...would any other smithers be willing to link our blogs for our donation pieces? We could curate some Japan Relief treasuries on Etsy and hope to make the Front Page in order for people to see and purchase and get this money donated to the Red Cross.

This is a 2" long (1" at it's widest part) sterling silver Leaf pin, all made by me with these words inscribed on the back

The front of the pin is so pretty, it looks just like a leaf found in nature, and it would go with any outfit...I think a leaf symbolizes hope and growth.

Post if you would like to link up and form a group, or get together mainly to get treasuries going for Japan Aid...


vecie78 said...

Loving it!

I wrote about this on my blog

Mai said...

It is a lovely piece!
Thank you very very much for your support. As I am a Japanese, we really appreciate the people like you.

CarolynArtist said...

Love the site Vecie78, just had a look.
Mai, I hope to so an ongoing outpouring of help and the other "issues of the day" don't get in the sorry for any loss you may have suffered.