Friday, March 11, 2011

I think about her often and remember how nice it felt when she parted my long black hair to braid for me. How I was so annoyed at having to always wear a hat on cold days (of course she was right). She was usually wearing some sort of turquoise stone set in silver jewelry...big and chunky, and an apron, often smiling or laughing.

I'm thinking of the fond times with my grandmother. This ring was made with her in mind.

The stone is a pretty and chunky turquoise cabochon set into a handmade (by me of course) fine silver and sterling silver bezel. The side is adorned with a gorgeous hand fabricated (my handy-work) feather. The overall shape is oval.

The ring shank has a floral motif and the back of the ring has a pretty detailed feather with my makers mark (for those of you who collect my work).
This ring is a U.S. Size 8.5

(I love you Grandma)

If you are curious about what went into making this ring please see my 3 part video on my blog at


susie said...

Your grandmother sounds like such a special lady, a beautiful tribute to her, hope someone special snaps it up and wears it well.

wildgirl said...

Lovely piece - I see a tall brown lady for this one!

Maryann said...

Simply stunning Care! A worthy tribute to a very special lady in your life xx

Vita Hoyles said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! As I'm sure your grandmother is, Care!!! <3

CarolynArtist said...

Thank you all you beautiful women!!!

Gina said...

Care, the ring is beautiful, Gma would have loved your work and worn it with pride just as I do! I Love you!