Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fresh Buds This Week

Tear Drop Shaped Mexican Crazy Lace Stones set into gorgeous bezels, made by me. These are seated perfectly so they pose a high dome and the teeth along the bezel edge are all in order.
The back shows my makers mark, along with .925. There is a pretty little flower cut out as well(pierced by me) (I have not added liver of sulfur, these are bright silver) Trust me, they will oxidize on their own in natural places.
The ear wires are a little fancy and curly where they meet the bale in order to carry the bends of the luscious pattern in the lacy stone up through the whole piece.

These will not last too long in my shop, I'll be listing them shortly.

Meanwhile, on a personal front, our daughter has moved out, and is doing well...she's working 2 jobs and working with me in our mother/daughter shop LuxeCoop (see link to right) We just shipped out a wonderful camisole yesterday which she custom has found a lovely new home in NYC.

So...I think in taking this photo these flowers represent our family, our daughter is with us, close by, and even comes by often, but is making her own way in this big world...

My knee, oh my knee! Who doesn't have some sort of ailment, itch or "thing" at my age? I continue with physical therapy and my muscles surrounding the joint grow stronger all the time, there are days when I wake up and take a few steps and my knee feels  like bone on bone, someone said it's a sure indicator we are alive! Another friend uses her knee as a weather barometer! (Just wait you super young people, it will will feel your bones, and you will be fine!)

Later, my friend Jodi and her sweet baby are coming by for a visit, I've heard SO MUCH about this precious girl I feel I already know  her...:-)


Willow Branch said...

So preeeeetty!!!! Love the stones, love the settings, love everything!!!!

Good for your baby for venturing out on her own, but it's nice that she's close enough to come over for dinner or a hug when she needs it.


ckdowns said...

Lovely, lovely buds, Care--these are sweet!!

Here's to a GOOD day with a cooperative knee and loving kitties and a new empty nest--hope Angelica soars on her own. You're close though....

Happy Wednesday!!

Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

Very pretty earrings Carolyn. I know exactly what you are going thru with your knee but it will get better :-).

Rich said...

Yay for the camisole's new home in NYC! Very excited about this! Thanks so much to you and Angelica!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Rich!!! Nice to hear from you, so thrilled it arrived safely! :-)

wildgirl said...

Lovely crazy lace agate earrings!
Human fledglings always come back - and the nest is never empty.