Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A View of My Desk/Space THIEF!

I love to arrive at work with coffee, slippers you can see Ms. Scrappy usually steals my foot stool!
(she has an awesome view)

thought I'd be brave and show you my left knee area where there are 3 tiny stitches where a scope and some other weird meniscus cutting/sanding/removing tools went looks like a 3 toothed vampire bite with the bandaids off, i see the doc for the first time for a post surgery check up...
when i stand up all sorts of stuff pools in the knee area, and it looks very ugly, and feels tight, I've blurred this for you :-)

I just blogged over on The Ladsysmith's Art-A-Day challenge. If you have a moment please have a look. The group is made up of talented metal smith artists in the DC Metro Area (which includes Northern VA and MD)...Many of them have shops on Etsy, sell in shops or can be contacted if you are looking for jewelry. I've met many of them at The Art League in Alexandria, VA where I take ongoing's time to venture out and take another class :-) I keep hearing great things about Gretchen's class and think I'll check it out next.

I'm also going to read some of The Kenmare News, my dear friend Caroline writes for this paper. this is my favorite column she writes, Fresh Eyes, Kenmare I go to enjoy her story and some more coffee.

 Have a wonderful and creative day!


susie said...

Hope your knee feels quickly.

Boy, you've been busy:) Can't wait to see the stones that go in those pieces (I love to see works in progress). Really enjoyed the rainy day cloud piece, labradorites always make me think of thunder storms for some reason. Take care.

ckdowns said...

Oh my gosh!!! You are TOO kind--especially as our 2nd graders are trying SO HARD to get ready for Friday's BIG day at the state capitol. Thank you so much--we appreciate our out-of-state readers!!!

And you are SO BRAVE to show your knee--although your slippered foot made me laugh!! Good for you--for getting this done and over with and moving on with life. Wow!!!

Sending big hugs, dear Care--if I were there, I'd run up and down the stairs for you, fetching warm soup and hot coffee and chocolate and all your favorite books--even more pillows! :-)

Stay well--treat that knee with lots of love!!!

Willow Branch said...

Pretty, sassy kitty!!! Glad you're feeling better & it's a great idea to do art every day. I haven't done it, but really want to start doing a little something every day. I have ages in my art journal that I haven't finished, so I want to go back & finish those before I start more ages.