Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Jack, Ooh La La

Jack hangs out in the back
eats leftover pumpkin
and today he stopped by to deliver a heart

This will be listed soon in our mother/daughter shop LuxeCoop on Etsy...this pretty pendant was hand drawn, then sawed, by me, then sanded and sanded so all of its edges are so so soft. The real Jack actually is a "pet" owned by my daughter at her day job. He hangs around outside the office window and is fed nuts and other goodies...he did bite Angelica once, though we think he was confused, and chalked it up to a love bite, a squirrel salutation. Jack loves his food,  loves to flit around, but doesn't love to be held down to one place. (he gets around, in a very good way) I guess you could say Jack is a name for Squirrel our Little Critter Series, Jack is omnipresent, I wonder, aren't there squirrels outside your house or workplace? Do you name them?

Jack is about 1" by 1 1/2'. He's on a 15" sterling silver chain and has a little cut out heart (made by me, of course) with my makers mark and .925 stamped near the clasp.

He will arrive at your house with a sweet ink and water color ATC/ACOE (art trading card/art cards, editions and originals) painted by me. (hopefully you will see more and more of these little paintings in the shop for sale...soon!

This particular card is a Valentines, or Any day, card to give to your loved one with this sterling silver squirrel. it's also signed and dated. This one says
Je t'aime
with an area for you to write a little note...
more Little Critters to come...

This piece is super eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals were used to make him, and he has no unoriginal patina added.

On a personal note, my knee passed (with flying colors so to speak) during my post-op appointment yesterday. No stairs (we have stairs) and lots of rest, ice and tylenol, and I'm also told to "walk normally" more overcompensating from my right leg. Mixed message? Yes! Tomorrow I start physical therapy very near home and am looking forward to the pain ebbing each day!

oh...and it's my daughter's birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I have completerly bothered her by singing "Happy Birthday" to her  several times, time to back off...I feel a spice cake with cream cheese frosting being made in the near future!


susie said...

Cute!! I'm also excited to see some more of your water colors and other art work as well, hope your daughter has a wonderful day and that knee of your's continues to heal and get strong. Take care.

CarolynArtist said...

thanks Susie, the watercolor is so much fun...i'd almost forgot how wonderful it feels :-)

Willow Branch said...

Such a lovely tribute to Jack. I love that you're including one of your ATCs & look forward to seeing more & more from you. It's such a pretty & free design.

Yeah..that "walk normally" is easier said than done.


Maryann said...

Love it, love it, love it Care! That squirrel is such a cutie!

Glad to hear you passed the physical.Hopefully the physio will soon get you moving more 'normally' again in no time.

Happy birthday Angelica! I hope you all enjoyed the cake and treats...
(It was my son's 17th birthday on 1/18/11 and we all had a great day)

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Pam thanks and lol at the walking comment, so far I've only neneeded ice today...woot:)
Marryan, Happy Birthday to yours toooooo!!!:) I trust you are staying dry and safe!!!