Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Time (memmmmmmoriiieeees)

an old pic from a stone setting I did for Caroliiiiiiiiiine...I just loved making those kinetic pieces with stones, you know, the spinner bail attached to a stone-set pendant....oh the possibilities!

I've talked it over with hubby and have decided to rebuild my soldering studio...(relief!) He noted how much more versatile and happy I was with my work and assured me that I'm not exposed to many harsh chemicals with the pieces I make.  It was a nice break and now I'm giddy about getting an area back up and running soon. Johnny also removed and added a new surface to my bench, which he built for me years ago.

I'm already daydreaming of more stone set rings, spinner rings...tee hee hee

The Art-A-Day (over at The Ladysmiths blog) project has been so helpful, especially on these sort of dark cold winter days...I've been water coloring a lot...but don't have pics yet...and the deep rich colors have certainly lifted my spirits. My friend Nay mentioned a book I'm interested in, it has to do with doodling and meditation.

The days are getting longer, February is almost here, which surely means we're a little closer to Spring? (A gal can dream)

My physical therapy went great on Friday, I came home with so much positive energy. I was able to do a lot more walking around and simple chores this weekend (and sit for hours painting)...and next week I'll go twice to get these stems a-movin' at PT, and ask about when I can hit the gym.

I miss my friend Jessie who moved to Oregon...we're planning a trip out to see family, and friends...

I miss Arizona, Tucson to be specific, and my sissy Roo hubby's sister) and her brood

I miss the warm sun...this was taken about 6 years ago at sunset in Tucson while visiting Roo...and brood...

anyway, the point of this post was to say

I'll be taking orders (again) for stacking rings, spinner rings, poppy rings, Unquiet rings, and so forth...because...I'll Be Back Baby!!!


Nay said...

Yay for soldering studio!
Yay for Tucson!
Yay for a healed knee!

CarolynArtist said...

thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkyou NAY!!! My space is just about ready, it's nice to soler table is waiting for it's new duds! :-)

Willow Branch said...

I'm so glad you're going to start soldering at home again!!! Are you talking about Zendangles?? I've seen those & some are just incredible!! Wanna see your art!!!


Nay said...


I <3 them so. Did them all day yesterday while at the SW working...or not working as the case was.

I am expecting two new zentangle books in the mail this afternoon or tomorrow. ZENTANGLE IS THE BESTEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

Care: I would like a stacking poppy ring so when you are ready please make me a listing on etsy please please please please please pretttttty please!