Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday

just a shout out to say -hello and here's to a lovely friday- my shift key is kaput, i'm working on eating less around my please pardon...

yesterday, some of you may have already known this, i did have knee surgery and today am feeling great. it feels as if i'm on the other side of the speed bump.  -okay i admit, sometimes i turned the bump in the road into a mountain- but i was glad to get it done with and take the sage advise of my awesome doctor and hubby an opt for surgery. look away if you are eating, or go to the next section if you get easily grossed out tee hee. basically i went under, and the tear on my on meniscus was shaved and smoothed down...also some floaters were found, and lodged and removed -i imagine suctioned out- it turns out i have moderate arthitis in my patella area, soooo this being an ongoing progressive issue i was thrilled to hear there was a chance my doc could drill 2 holes and insert a shpeckle of shpackle into the holes. -he did use the word spackle - this also would have meant 6 weeks on crutches, not my idea of fun recovery, but to relieve the pain even further, i was all for it. alas, it wasn't the optimal thing to do. if you have arthritis you understand the recovery time for the relief would have been worth it. i am so grateful for what he did, as far as removing those little floaters and the tear.
in a couple of days i'll be off crutches and back at the bench working on my pretty metal pieces a week i'll be in physical therapy double-hooray.
ice is my favorite element right now, it feels so good for this type of pain. i was given vicodin, and it's a first for me, it does help and luckily i am taking under the normal dosage for effective relief.  hubby was home with me yesterday and is home today and into the weekend, he's a great guy. i'm glad he's able to work some from home too, i can hear him in his office making calls...which go in one ear and out the same ear for me... gosh, our neighbors made us lasagna! home made! all of these kind gestures are what make our souls smile! soon i will have in my hot little hands the big lebowski, borrowed from our friend cynde...double woot! the dude abides.

autumnleavesjewelry made a couple of lovely sales :-) thank you sweet sweet customers, you are the best.
Luxecoop also just experienced another sale. i believe her tops are proving to be nice items for gifts if you are looking for something for your girlfriend/spouse.

this time around i plan to do a photo essay on the stages of this custom top from luxecoop- with angelica- my daughter making it. she doesn't know this will be rewarding to have my camera off of me and on another creative soul.

that's about all i have for now. we woke to a pretty dusting of snow - so pretty.

oh, i discovered another awesome cabochon shop  i'd like to share with you,  i just purchased this pretty druzy...lately i'm fascinated by the beauty of these bumpy rocks -not manufactured like other druzy's- this is the real thing a ding ding ding for a new ring a ding ding ding i plan to make...and it will look so pretty with my hand made's like looking at chocolate  ice cream through a window and waiting to taste it!!!

 Druzy Amethyst Designer Cabochon
This Amethyst druzy has a beautiful lavender color which is known for this variety found in the Balikesir area of Turkey.

40mm x 29mm x 10mm and it weights 119.45ct / 23.90 g.
Me and my husband are avid collectors of stones. We live in the suburbs in Turkey were we also have our stone and mineral studio. We started to handcraft these beautiful stones into beautiful cabochons.
All the cabochons in our shop are totally %100 natural. NO colour enhancements no chemical treatments are done.
-soesoe's shop write up about this stone

here is the beautiful drop stitch chemise which just sold from luxecoop
been 'chatting it up' with a sweet new friend/customer from UK about this top, oh memories of hubby and my 2 weeks spent in England back in 2003 bring me smiles!!!

Happy Friday and here's to a wonderful weekend everyone.
Also, Monday is a holiday here in the states as we remember the amazing, peaceful and fearless leader Martin Luther King.


Fashionably Adorned said...

ah a tear in your mcl is that right? That's pretty common. hoping I won't have to deal with that ever considering all the kicking and working out I do, especially with no insurance. I'm glad your on the mend! take it easy and Ice is an injured girls best friend. I love the druzy!

CarolynArtist said...

Sherice, i hope you don't either. It sounds like you are in pretty good shape with all of your training!!! (thanks for the advice, i love me some ice you are sooo right it's an amazing fix!!!)
love this druzy and oh boy you should see the others this seller has!!!

Fashionably Adorned said...

planning on checking out the shop. I just haven't had time to do much of anything besides homework. I started back to school this month working towards a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and metabolism.. that's a mouthful!!! Hope your feeling good, don't over do it lady!!!!

Jodi Flood said...

I've been thinking about you -- feel better, Carolyn!