Saturday, May 29, 2010

...Gently Down the Stream...

merrily merrily merrily merrily...

This brooch/Pin is so whimsical. I started it a while back, and wanted to rework the back mechanism. my OCD style (those of you who follow my blog know I work this way) I removed the stone and made my own pin back mechanism. It's easy to do, and I like it so much more than the pre-fab ones. I do have pre-fab ones I've used, and they are great, and all sterling silver, but there is something special about creating your own piece with your touch all over it, everywhere humanly possible.

The person who purchases this will be someone who does not shy away from larger pieces. (I used to say that about all those really chunky spinners I used to make and sell) This Pretty is just under 4" from stem to end, and is about 1 1/2 " at its widest area near the turquoise stone.

The back has my makers mark, and is stamped .925. Every part of this leaf from tip to stem has been smoothed down so you'll just want to touch it.

Nothing too exciting going on in our private lives. I'm hiding away in my studio, I just feel like hiding...and being cozy with my hubby and cats. Ever have times like these? Am also crying a lot, I guess I'm an emotional girl, always was, and always will be, it's my nature.

I'm sending out another golf ball marker and one of my Bella Luna pendants, oh I love this work! (to work as an artist and not be stuck behind a desk...I just don't have it in me to work any other way) That said, I feel blessed.

Soon the sounds of Rolling Thunder will fill the roads in the DC Area, bikers from wars past. It's very moving to see them pass by in large groups. They've got their own journey this weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day in the United States.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost as great as the original, maybe better?

Fergie should switch to rock, Bono let's Jagger shine, oh man is this awesome???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more, more, more...

how do you like it?

I've expanded my golf ball markers from tiny letters, to monograms and the wonderful Birdie symbol. Who wouldn't want a birdie playing golf???

I still recall when hubby suggested I make golf ball markers for my Etsy shop, I looked at him like he was nuts. Then I realized he was thinking like a  GUY, like a guy who plays GOLF, who lives and breathes for golf. Another Etsian who is a pretty high seller said she predicted they'd be a hit. Well, she was right. Now there are over 100 people selling these on Etsy. Kudos!

Here's to hoping my Free Sterling Silver Stacking Ring and beautifully packaged with blank note card  and ribbon (for gifting) will help you choose my golf ball markers.

don't forget to let me know what size Free Thinny Stacking Ring you would like with your purchase of your sweet Golf Ball Marker :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Home

This Pretty found a nice home...yes I am so grateful that some sweet soul found beauty in my work.

First sale of Gold Ball Marker season will go out this week. It will also be my first monogrammed Marker. (I now have more sizes of stamps) I had a lot of requests for actual monograms I turned away last year. These are fun, and they remind me of the men in my life who play this game, as if they are drinking water, they live for it. I hope to be exhausted from making them as happened last year!

Tomorrow I'll have a few more new pieces up, 2 pieces I've shown on my blog, yet not listed in my shop. They needed to sit for a while and have me return to them for some changes. If you follow my blog you'll know this is how I work with some of my pieces. (like layers of paintings) I never rush my work.

We watched Lost last night with all the other millions of folks. It had an interesting end. (Spoiler here) I loved the room before the bigger room Jack Shepherd entered with the empty coffin, the talk he had with his father, and as the camera panned around this room, it was filled with icons/symbols of a host of various religions. It was a lovely tribute to religion and faith in general!  Some people choose to take a leap while others wait...

we all have choices
and if anyone tells us we don't
and we believe them
we give them power they do not deserve

I spent today working on some pieces and resting up from losing sleep this weekend. We saw some dear friends and enjoyed a fantastic dinner witih them- of course the evening was filled with belly laughs.

Johnny got half the deck pressure washed this weekend. He's so sweet, he even did the other side of our fence on the neigbhors deck.
A view from the uppper deck, we'll finish it soon...

Lastly, I made these for my dear friend Jessie (who moved to Oregon and I miss her all the time)
a pair of dangly heart earrings and a necklace (promise it'll be in the mail tomorrow you)

That's about all the news from my place...

I hope everyone is feeling good

Friday, May 21, 2010

Evolution From a 1930s Silver Frame

Here's our first piece from this pretty old frame. We hope you love it. (we do)

Please note: we did not use liver of sulfer to oxidize as it is a belief this will happen when and where it should ~naturally.



The chain drops down to 17" with a sterling silver lobster clasp. My makers mark is stamped on the back of this pretty piece, along with .925 silver. In the center of the pendant sits a small turquoise cabochon. Tiny pieces from the 1930s frame (shown above) are included for a remarkable Upcycled piece of jewelry. We went as green as we could using a pickle solution of vinegar and salt in lieu of the more caustic pickle. (it smelled like vinegar chips in Care's studio yesterday!) :-)

This will be listed in shop shortly.

In other news Care and Hubby enjoyed a wonderful week away in the Outer Banks of NC.  Angelica stayed behind working her 2 jobs and taking care of all 4 cats. (I imagine she enjoyed having the house to herself along the way:)

this lil birdie was caught  with its beak open

We climed a very old lighthouse

Mostly we rested in between jaunts out into the world of exploration. It felt so good to look over at each other and raise our eyebrows around 11am as if to say Well? Another cuppa joe hon?

It's good to be home, creating again!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love You Etsy- May Birthstones

This sweet piece was featured in the Etsy blog yesterday. You may have received an email with it and many other wonderful Emerald pieces! (for May Birthstones)

Here is  sweet Christine :-)

(thank you for letting me know about this Tess!)

Green Lacey Turquoise Necklace available on Etsy

Please check out the whole article here ;-)

Storque Spotlight Etsy-Finds Emerald City

Meanwhile we are enjoying the tail end of our vacation in OBX, NC, we have taken (oh okay I have taken) lots and lots of photos.  I found 2 pieces of beach glass. We walked all over Ocracoke Island (of the infamous pirate Blackbeard). I've seen the red fox who lives nearby once, hubby saw a rabbit, we've seen lovely long curvy egrets and other birdies.

Here's a really funny pic I took yesterday...I have no idea how I captured the open beak, other than the fact these guys were honking like crazy! :-)

we saw a human butterfly! ;p

Green sea glass in Duck, OBX, NC

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

A day late...I wanted to share with you LuxeCoop had its first sale on Mother’s Day!!! We're so excited. This is one of the very wonderful things we love about Etsy. Some sweet soul put on of our pieces in a treasury, and another piece from the shop sold due to the exposure.That's the love behind Etsy sales! -)

 This sweet set of stackers is en route to its new home in Belgium, which is where my hubby's mom spent some of her growing up years...and we miss her so much! So it was an extra special sale for this family.

Friday, May 7, 2010


We're winding down our work week here, I'm sizing 9 stackers and a golf ball marker- hubby's in a room somewhere in DC...soon we will hit the road for some R&R and a whole lotta driving!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Hearts Make Noise

A sweetheart customer requested my Unquiet Ring with 2 hearts (as shown in my shop listed as a necklace (and pssst...the necklace still needs a home!) Here's what went out...

(with my larger rings I take no chances and always send them in a fat little box
for protection)

I had a root canal yesterday and am feeling much better today. Was able to catch up with almost all of my Etsy orders that came in last weekend and into this week. (i'm grateful for every Etsy order and every person who takes the time to look through my shops and decide upon a piece to purchase, thank you sweet customers!!!)

re: Root Canal
Am also taking it easy between soldering and caring for cats by watching Lost. I'm currently in the midst of season 3. Any other Lost fans out there? My daughter, Angelica, and my friend, Jodi, got me hooked!!! (by proxy it means hubby is hooked too) :O

It feels good to offer custom sizing again! :-)

We await our first sale from LuxeCoop and have faith it will happen as we add more items and gain more exposure.

I read the Etsy Blog every day, most of the articles are very interesting, always inspiring and sometimes you might find that an item from your shop has been mentioned. (i have) It's a great way to keep up with the trends and inspiring stories from fellow artisans and collectors on Etsy, I encourage sellers and buyers to check it out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Root of the Matter

Looks like I'm in for a root canal tomorrow...I knew something was up with one of my pearlies. I'm not scared; I'm looking forward to having it be done already. The pain I'm having now isn't too bad, it could be much worse (but I'm really itching to get this over with). Hubby and I are going to be leaving for vacation soon and I really would love a pain free time. Anway, I really really really (have I mentioned "really" yet?) like and trust my dentist and his staff. I moved around another appointment so I could be fitted in to see him this morning, at OMG-oh-clock...(8) Looks like I'll be having the procedure tomorrow. I've had a couple of these, my teefs are always a challenge for me. I had braces in my early 30s, and am prone to cavities. Must be the genes.

So...that's my story this week.

I have had some Etsy orders come through and am THRILLED and grateful.

Angelica and I are awaiting our first order from LuxeCoop. It will happen, I have faith it will :-)

Both shops are having a sale this month, all month long, May Mothers Day Sale, we're hoping it helps you find something nice for her or for you! :-)

Speaking of pearlie whites, I have some new pearl earrings to list in LuxeCoop. Simple, feminine, everyday earrings. Affordable as they are made with Sterling Silver (in lieu of gold). They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, hanging out with the girls on a night out, and...

They make LOVELY bridesmaids, I've learned my stacking rings do :-)

Here's a couple of photos of what I'll soon be listing in LuxeCoop.

We designed these with the backs of the sterling silver wires to curve gently into a longer drop for elegance. At the bottom of each coin pearl sits a forged (by us- Not mass produced) circle to add more curves to these Pretties.
We hope you will love these...

Care and Angelica
(Mom and Daughter)

Sunday, May 2, 2010