Friday, April 30, 2010

To Celebrate Mothers Day

AutumnLeavesJewelry and LuxeCoop are offering a sale to help celebrate Mothers Day~ from this mother/daughther design team :-)

We'll be pricing many items tonight and tomorrow morning...if you've had your eye on something, or hearted something, I hope you find it affordable and can give it a good cozy home. (...and as always thank you and bless you!)

I'm also moving all of my  AutumnLeavesHome items to  our LuxeCoop shop and closing the former.

Batty for Bangles!

This was designed by Angelica, of LuxeCoop (our cooperative mother/daughter shop on Etsy). She thought it would be cool to link bangles together with another small circle (soldered so it will never come off) We added a charm as well. The Charm is turquoise ever "out" of fashion??? We left the piece completely shiny, (no forced oxidation). Its super comfy...we hope you LOVE it! :-)


we will have more variations of these bangles in the shop, LuxeCoop, soon!

I feel so grateful to have had a sale from my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop, it has been a month! A long time it seems. (I wasn't used to the dry spell) But it did give me time to work on setting up LuxeCoop.

Now mother and daughter are ready to create more pieces and we hope and pray for success in our new shop!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Years Running...Ongoing Alexandria, VA Smith Class at The Art League

New Earrings for AutumnLeavesJewelry's a look-see, what I love most about these are the domed out high seat they have...and the way the turquoise looks has a bit of an Art Nouveau pattern...can you see it? These hand 1" and from ear wire to the bottom of ear wire 1 1/4"
Going to list them now...with more views. Thank you for looking

Listing for these Pretties in my Etsy Shop

With lots of lovely friends, this is Jodi and I, notice the comb over from her hair to mine? She has lots and lots of thick hair (lucky girl)...

These little pretties will be listed soon, here they are near their final stage, square turquoise earrings embedded in fine sterling and sterling silver. The actual sterling silver square that holds the turquoise and silver bezel is nice and thick for durability!!!

I need some morning pics (soon) then I'll list them...

My little work area

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coldplay - The Scientist

Ahhh if you go right to Watch on Youtube, (underlined), the video is there, and it's worth a watch...

trying something else, click here to view vid...
The Scientist

This title, this song, this video makes me cry so hard...

my rain barrel is full

Treasury East on Etsy

I curated a lovely shiny colorful treasury of pieces for Treasury East on Etsy's the link (if you follow some of the blogs I follow you may recognize many of the pieces in the treasury)

Please have a look!
Metals Make Me Melt & Colors Keep Me Cool

Here's the Scoop on Treasury East
Treasury East Beta by Admin Sean11

I'm sure hoping this will serve to replace the old Treasury, they pics are larger, there are several more, and the preview feature is fantastic!!! As curator, I can, and will, move the pics around so each person (artist) can have a shot at being shown throughout the day. Fun!

I do believe Sellers and Buyers can curate a treasury on Etsy.

Please have a look at mine and tell me what you think, or leave a comment in the treasury! Oh, and Treasury East is NOT the place to promote yourself...from what I've read...

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day...
I'm enjoying some coffee, folding laundry, just got the older cats fed and am ready to start my day


Monday, April 26, 2010

LuxeCoop New Knit Item

LuxeCoop Hand Knit Drop Stitch with Crochet Detailing Long Jumper
by Angelica Morin

this was just listed, more to come...

It's a rainy day here near DC, and everyone just flew off to work. I'm spending the
morning listing some new items in our LuxeCoop shop (this is Care/Mom writing!) Hi!

Yesterday we held our 2nd weekly meeting since our collaborative shop went live- we're looking forward to sending out our first order.  It does take a lot of time to set up shop, get things going and listed. It's been a fun journey making time for each other (mother and daughter) to sit down and go over details of listings, information about pieces and take photographs. (of course you all know how long the photos take) Angelilca handed over a sketch for a jewelry piece I'll be working on this week, and I've got other homework to tend to for the new shop as well.

Even while all this goes on, the kitties are begging for morning food, the vacuum is whispering my name (darned that vacuum!!!) and a plane just flew over reminding me that I need to refresh my coffee cup to keep up with the lovely day!

Hope your day is lovely too!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aack Custom Golf Ball Markers!!!

Custom sizing orders on all spinner rings and other items

Seasonal golf ball markers :-)

Now that I have our new collaborative shop up and running I am free to spend more time with what is so important to my beloved AutumnLeavesJewelry shop on Etsy - customers needs regarding custom orders.

I miss making Custom Golf Ball Markers! Last year I had so many and loved knowing that the little marker made by my hands was out on the course with someone's special other. My husband, father, uncles, (just about everyone) in my family are avid golfers. I trade foot rubs for golf shows with my hubby. And I admit, some of the tourneys are pretty exciting!!! Hubby now has me watching Golf Reality Shows (yes they exist!) :-)

I'll be offering my special packaging for  gifting which includes an adorable hand made origami envelope, ribbon and a blank note card.

My hope is to be physically tired of stamping by the end of golf season!

hubby has his Golf Ball Marker :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weave Me A Good Story Grandma

Thinking of my grandmother today, fondly. Mainly because it is her sister Min's 95th Birthday. Min is the final surviving sibling of my grandmother. I met her a couple of times when I was a kid- (and again at my grandmother's funeral)- during the summers I spent in Oregon with my grandparents. Min was very close to another sister, Ida. Ida recently passed away. We sent flowers from the East Coast Shepard's...I wish I could be there and give her a hug and look at photos of Min, her sisters and just be with her.

As far as I know, she never married, and she, Ida, and Ruth (all sisters of Grandma) all got secretarial training at the Haskell Institute, in Kansas (a Native American school). They then worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the VA as secretaries in different parts of the country, including DC, Chicago, Albuquerque, Portland, and LA. When Ida's husband passed away she moved to Sioux City, and about 10 years later, Min gradually moved back there from LA.
You see, Min was born on the Santee Sioux Reservation. I guess she is close to where she was born, but I'm not familiar with Sioux City, IA, or Nebraska...I think a road trip is in order soon.

It's raining out today so I pulled out some old pieces I've made, yes I also weave beads...and yes it takes hours and hours. The wonderful thing about bead weaving is how lost and focused you can get. When I was a girl I used to beg my grandmother for an "Indian" dress. (this after seeing a PowWow- what are they called now?) at Chemawa in Oregon.
So I have a love of weaving, of color, mostly I have this intense love for my grandmother, and her sisters.

Here's a peek into what will be going into our LuxeCoop shop...and there will be more weaving and fiber wearables too...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreamy Druzy in Pink

Someone sweet traded a druzy rock for a spinner ring
so she made this...
She's a pretty pink druzy, rough on top with a smooth bottom,

so the artist thought a proper prong setting was in order.

She is chunky and dainty at the same time~
She sits 17" down the sterling silver chain.
The rock does not rock in its setting,
she made sure she's secure.

She reminds her of pink cotton candy
and all things girly
don't let that fool you because she's also tough~
(pssst I have another one, a bit fatter in purple...)


Hi Friends!
My nights are getting longer as hubby and I are staying up late catching up with the show Lost. Any Lost fans out there? It's eating into hubby's DVR'd golf show time, but we're having a blast watching, reacting and coming up with theories about the show.

LuxeCoop is still in its infancy and will continue to grow. We have our weekly meeting set up and will also have more pieces to list soon. Lately I've spent all my spare time marketing, taking photos, and answering some convos.

No sales from any of the 3 shops lately...but that's okay, it's given me time to reflect, to put things in perspective with regards to the kind of business I want to continue to build. My focus is mainly on our collaborative shop right now. But please don't forget I have items ready to ship in my other shops. :-) (awaiting new homes)

Here's a pic from the other day in our Studio class (Jodi and I carpool) it's the kind of smithing class I'm happy to take on an ongoing basis I am always learning new things.

This is a position we often find ourselves in...I chose to dive instead of bend, it really doesn't matter, either way we end up under the bench searching for that druzy, silver or gold nugget that rolled away into the corner of the filthy floor!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aries or Taurus?

Emily Bidwell featured my piece in Spotlight, in Etsy's Blog 'The Storque'
aptly titled
Etsy Finds: Horny Beasts

The title threw me off until I read the entry (and saw the cute illustration chosen for the opening piece), by the sweet Emily, it is a Spotlight piece on April's two Zodiac signs~ Aries and Taurus

My friend Jodi of  JodiFloodJewelry (aka TheMagpie' told me today (en route to Alexandria) where we smith together that one of my pieces was featured. I was so thrilled!

 Anytime a person takes a few moments to look at something you've made and add it to a collection (thank you Sweet Emily) is such a huge gift. In fact, it made my day, even my week. (it's been a mixed bag week, but don't we all have those?!) it is... have a look, ALL of the items are precious and have something to do with both Aries and Taurus
Linky here...
Etsy Finds: Horny Beasts

...if you scroll down, (scroll slowly so you can read her piece and see all of the other lovely items)you'll find this...(linky above)
listing for:

it has many hearts
i hope it finds a home

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True

Our mother/daughter shop went live today on Etsy. I'm thrilled beyond anything. We had our first official meeting this morning before she ran off to work...and (I admit) afterwards I cried...yes I am a sappy mom.

I'm looking forward to all the days ahead where we can encourage, inspire and help each other to create beautiful pieces.

We'll have some vlogs and other goodies like give-aways, how-to's for the shop. Angelica has a lot to offer and Etsy seems the perfect venue! We're continuing to work on more listings of pretty pieces she has made, and she will be designing jewelry very soon. I've also got some of my pieces in the shop and will be adding some tiny felted purses

Please check back here for more updates on our shop by using the link above. We'll be blogging! (and we are loving all the fresh hearts!!!)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful Day... work on our mother/daughter shop...lots more prep work to get ready before we open...
This will go in...(this is partially why I made the decision to no longer take custom orders) I hope you understand! My time is consumed with family, and it's a lovely feeling! :-)

I'm also playing Scrabble on FB with my hubby (in separate rooms) , as soon as my daughter returns from morning errands we'll take more shots of her pretty clothing she's designed and made.

The dryer is humming, the shadows are dancing all over the studio and I have many chores awaiting me after studio work time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Turquoise Has Landed in Metal Lace

It can be found here in my Etsy Shop through this Link

and I love how they mixed

This pretty turquoise is embedded in a pretty silver bezel, surrounded by sterling silver lace, the chain is about 70% made by me. I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite things into the chain. You will see lacey metal, loops, and my favorite little tubes slightly flared completely made with my hands.

This necklace hangs 28"
It's super versatile and you can wear it several ways.

Like all of my work, this is signed with my mark.

Was hoping to get a photo wearing it
I need to work on that...
meaning- I'm vain
it's a flaw of mine

Will be listing this shortly
and I do believe
it's Grandma Worthy
Meaning (my beautiful Native American grandmother would have worn this)
i love you grandma

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birdie Birdie Birdie Finds a Poppy Ring

Birdie Poppy Ring in Sterling Silver Etsy Shop Listing
Birdie Birdie Birdie has found a Poppy in Sterling Silver

Hop hop hop goes the's a happy birdie for it can squeeze throug the hole that rivets the Poppy Flower or fly around it...

I'm not sure if there are more than one little birdie, but I think this little birdie has friends
to share the Poppy with

.925 is stamped on the inner part of this ring
She's very chunky, and I would wear her out as often as I could
she's wide, bold and a tiny bit flared for comfort.
oh yes, her size, she's a proud 8 3/4 and 3/4" wide!

On Tuesday I had the biggest pb&j sammich
it's a comfort food,
I miss Mac & Cheese...
Here's Bart (not hissing- he's in the middle of a big yawn)
with his sister Scrappy

I have some stacking rings made and will go list them now, and another Petite Spinner Ring
Soon there will be very colorflul items photographed and listed in my shop...pretty hues just for you! :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Spinners Available and I've Gone Green in The Process

I now have 4 more spinners to list, and am so happy to say they have been "pickled" (a process we smithers use to remove gunk after soldering) in an eco-friendly solution, no more chemicals!

I've also thought long and hard and have decided to not use the chemical for accelerated oxidation anymore.

This means that all of my spinners and other pieces from this day forward are shiny silver. If I use a product to oxidize (instantly add the very popular black look) called liver of sulfur, I will do this using an eco-friendly manner as well - Egg

I have promised Nay to put a video up for her
Hoping to have one up this week. It's very easy actually. The only issue I have ever encountered is it is a slower process, and you might not get the very dark black look, but could end up with some pretty neat dark purples and other colors, (which will probably oxidize over time on their own)

Here's what I yeilded today for my Etsy shop, going to list them now, will make more next week:

Petite Spinner Ring Ready to Ship - no Oxidation
size 7 3/4
Etsy Listing

Petite Spinner Ring Ready to Ship- no Oxidation
size 8
Etsy Listing


Tomboy Petite Spinner Ring Ready to Ship - no Oxidation
size 7 1/4
Etsy Listing

Tomboy Petitie Spinner Ring Ready to Ship- no Oxidation
size 8
Etsy Listing

Later Today- Tomboys and Petite Spinners in the Shop

I'll have several sizes listed (Ready To Ship) of my Tomboy and Petite Spinner rings :-)

Am also doing a family piece for a reunion, in lieu of t-shirts we are doing sterling silver rings. I am now going to rummage through old "Indian" books with photos; I'm not finding just what I need on the internet. How ironic?

I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Here's a photo of hubby and his pop from the other day

and this
little neighbor girl surprised me with 2 blooms
i placed them in water right away

what a gift! :-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


has reopened, after a lovely week  off~ :-)

I will be focusing on creating from the soul and spirit for my shop, for you .

Reminding you that I have a shop open with One of a Kind (OOAK) pieces at

Changes are here for AutumnLeavesJewelry

AutumnLeavesJewelry is currently offering spinner rings in sizes currently listed in my shop only, which means you will see multiple listings of my Tomboy and Petite spinners, along with ALL spinner rings of varying sizes- the petite, the wide, the chunky, the subtle the flared. (Not to worry, I will detail the measurements each ring listed!)

***I will not be taking orders for custom sizing at this time, but fear not, there will be a bounty of spinner rings in varying sizes continually listed in my shop and yours is bound to pop up sooner than you think*** (because I love to make kinetic jewelry and I love to make it for you!)

You will no longer see listings in my shop for ‘Made to Order’ (This will include all items)

The good news is you will not have to wait for your ring I will mail it within 2 days of your order.

About Sizing for Spinner Rings
Please keep in mind when ordering a pretty spinner ring to check my details of the ring in the listing you would like.
Take notice of its width, gauge and flare. The size I list for each ring will be the true size of said ring.
The best way to size your finger for any wide band ring is to have it done at a reputable jewelry shop, and always mention the type of band in which you need your finger sized. The person sizing your finger will then check you for the right gauge and width of the band. :-)

This is me this morning, my last day of my lovely solo Staycation, I'm baring it all for you! :P Oh, and I am back on half-caf coffees, I just haven't had the strength to let go completely. (My Meniere's has eased up as well)

My shop will go live (re-open) later today or tomorrow.

About the new venture with my Mother/Daughter Etsy shop- Photos are being taken and a name is chosen. I've got a few things to order and other details to line up before it goes live. (I cannot even begin to express how wonderful this makes me feel, as a mother, who made mistakes, and did things right -don't we all?- to be able to connect with my grown daughter on this creative level.) I was a very young mother when I had Angelica...I grew up without a stable mother as a role model, so this venture feels like Heaven on Earth. (And this is for my beautiful Native American grandmother!)

I'll have a bio for Angelica soon. You will see (mostly) her clothing fashion designs (very focused on Eco-friendly), all hand made, all by her, along with a few jewelry pieces (mine and hers).

Friday, April 9, 2010


my pretty little shop
(with policy
and a new pace
in my work)...slllloooowwwwweeerrrrrr (art doesn't need to be rushed?)

can you feel my joy?

Mother/Daughter shop
(i have hired a dear close friend of many years to help out with a few things - good things)
i love you Jessie (and Christine!)

as for now I'm partially in a funky mood dealing with the dizzy spells (the tinnitus) etc. It's no fun.  Hubby just poured me the Green Machine drink, which daughter bought (so sweet).  (sort of reminds me of  a cup o' cool Shrek snot...sorry, yes I went there...)

This house is all abuzz with Masters Golf coverage (this is a golf household). It amazes me how tuned in and tuned out/relaxed my sweet hubby gets this time of year.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Druzys

I'm back on the green juice!

I've cut back on caffeine, Ménière's rules my balance today...anyone else have it? It's a real PITA but not as bad as it could be.

Good news, it's going to rain, and it's a wee windy. I'm hoping for less pollen tomorrow :-)

Birdie feeders are on my fun list of things to do this week.
Oh they will be so ugly, and serve such a beautiful purpose!!!

Thank you Nay!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Made

Birdie Feeders, to make or to buy, or both? I LOVE the idea of making my own. So far the feeders I've found are all "for kids" and fairly sounds like home made and recycled birdie feeders are right up my alley.
Think plastic bottles, wooden spoons and wire,
If it’s so ugly, I'll find a way to make it pretty :-)

I'm taking this week to unplug from work, from being online as I type this online and stay connected online, baby steps, I walk away with baby steps.

When I reopen my Etsy shop there will be quite a few changes which will serve to keep customers happy and me sane. (er, me saner) :P

Already I'm craving color and sketching out ideas. I'm also looking around my house for other creative outlets, seasonal explorations within these walls...I think it's a nice reminder for those of us who focus so intensely on one thing. (esp those of us who run our own business)

I wish I had some pretty pictures for you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Caged Artist With Week Off At Home

decided it would be nice to vacuum her little abode
her family

before she knew it she found herself in that place, on that rug, near that mirror,
you know
Vacuum Crossroads
you can sit and cry
shove the vacuum down the stairs...(not really)

she really meant it (not really)
she saw little Scrappy
RUNNING like Forrest Gump
up and up
she ran
me and
my chore at hand (and foot)

Super Kitty!
There is nothing like letting go of your emotions in the
middle of your rug
in front of the mirror
(I wasn't really crying, I was enduring a silent scream)
You see, I needed to vent,
I needed an artistic moment
The Vacuum

If you ever get the chance to read the book
Kafka On The Shore
-by Haruki Murakami
I would...then you would understand this little encounter with my cat :P

Sunday, April 4, 2010


and rejuvenation



color and shape

'Our Father who art in heaven
Stay there
And we'll stay here on earth
Which is sometimes so pretty...'
---Jacques Prévert