Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winner of the New Spinner is...

Thank you:
resolute twig

(yes I rambled in this vlog, but I got the job done!)


If you follow my blog you know I'll have another give away before too long :-) I'm now focusing on combining a mother-daughter Etsy shop as mentioned in the previous vlog!!!

Happy days to all! :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Change News and Spinner Ring Give Away


Thank you for taking the time to watch my vlog :-)

All you need to do to enter to win the spinner ring mentioned in the video is to give it a name based on the criteria mentioned.

thank you and bless you! :-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Sweetheart Spinner Ring for my Etsy Shop

(and a little bit of my weekend adventure)

Good morning!

Let me start with the bloom of the day...I was greeted by this as I entered my kitchen, third bloom of season, on a new branch! :-)

Here's the coffee maker I use, a one cuppa, often there's a sweet poem next to it, with the coffee and water set up inside - ready to go... This morning was no different, though I'd moved the love poem to its resting spot

and here she is...her name is

Petite Sweetheart Spinner Ring, she's making her debut next to my petite Tomboy Spinner, so you can see the difference in the width of ring shank and the outer spinner beaded ring...

and here she is next to some other more chunky spinners (isn't she dainty and pretty?) She will never be oxidized, this will happen over time, as mother nature intended.

My dad stopped by, he'd been away skiing and we made plans for a lunch date this weekend. :-)

Earlier in the day daughter Angelica, with Dad (Johnny) did things to their vehicles. Angie's needed oil, the Mini (which is back with us!!!) needed a cold air intake (not really, but she got one!)
Notice the bags o' leaves and trash I'd gathered...I never thought that snow would melt!

Later we did this!

and enjoyed this

If you'd like the recipe for those amazing potatoes let me know...they are loaded with garlic and onion...they can be grilled outside or in your oven and they will make your tummy go wow!

Yesterday I was in Alexandria taking an ongoing (for years) class...spent most of my time tap tap tapping out an anticlastic piece, not shown here, trust me...it's just not ready to be seen~

I feel so grateful for my family, my home, food, friends and belly laughs!!!

I'll be listing the new Petite Sweetheart Spinner Ring in my Etsy Shop later today...thanks for stopping by! :-)

:::EDIT::: Recipe for garlic potatoes

undedited excerpt of email from hubby on the potatoes, hope it makes sense!

(we used to use fresh garlic, but times are busy and he cooks with so much he bought a big jar of the minced garlic, which explains our breathy!!!)

I mix together olive oil, crushed garlic (I used our pre-minced stuff),
pepper and salt. I pre-cook the taters by cutting them in half, and
boiling them. But not too long as you do not want them falling apart or
getting mushy. I then slice the potatoes or make them wedges whatever you
want. I put the potato pieces along with the oil mixture into a zip lock
bag, shake it to get everything coated and let it marinade for some time
before cooking.

note he doesn't explain the cooking process, but I'm sure you can figure it out. As you can see he uses strong foil on the grill to keep the juices in and everything together...I could eat some now! :P

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandmas Cuff and Alice

She wore this most days that I can recall...I wanted to leave the pixels large so smithers could see the beautiful perfect imperfections from the artist who made this piece. If you look closely, the edging is truly hand twisted, smithers can see this right away by following the line of the twisted silver from beginning to end. The beaded edges are not from a machine, they were hand made (yes both lines of tiny balls). I would rather hold in my hand a piece made by hand than something cranked from a machine any day. (then again, some machine produced metals are beyond incredible in their design and flawlessness)

I'll be producing and sending these out tomorrow, thank you dear sweet customers! :-)

If you are a fan of all things Alice in Wonderland I plan to have more pieces like this in my shop through summer (I'm channeling Alice!) This gorgeous piece was made and sold about 2 years ago. More to come...

I'm getting ready to dive into our back deck area and remove tree limbs and other things that flew around in the snow storm. It seems so long ago, but it really wasn't...now it seems everything that can bloom IS is pushing up to the sky. Must be because of all that snow melting into the ground (so says a Grand Lady from the Prairie)I tend to listen to her about all things nature related!

Happy Sunday :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy Busy Wednesday and Thursday Filled with Gratitude

I was so busy on a ring

which took hours and hours to get just right, I'll be adding these to my shop, in all Sterling silver, she's a spinner, but not flared. And the person I made this for is so wonderful!

I also added some color to my day by making a piece I believe my grandmother would wear, (you should see the chunky pieces she wore!) But this is my take, I softened up the pendant by turning the chunky steling silver into a lacy metal...and one more thing is on my mind for this piece...she needs a hand made chain, and I know exactly the chain to make...and the way it will look, and it will complete this pendant...this will be a beautiful instant heirloom for the person who decides to give her a home...stay tuned, chain addition coming up, (but I'm not rushing!)

I miss you Grandma
your constant smile
braiding my long black hair into braids
making me wear the silly hats out in the cold (which I hated but now love you for)
and the way you took care of all of your grandchildren

and to the Grand Lady of the Prairie who bought my Spring Flower necklace, I hope your boys are winning and lucky you for court side seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and I can't wait for you to see your goodies)


and looking forward to more ring challenges, rings that will make me push myself out of my design comfort zone.

I'll have a photo of my latest before it heads of to its SWEET owner tomorrow. I'm sitting outside, yes out front in my red chair filing the finishing touches by hand on this sweet ring.

the sun is OUT. My cats are in and out. My eldest can is enjoying sun in the twilight of his life and it makes me feel oodles of tearful joy.

My last Unquiet Ring is awaiting the postman, Marvin. I'll be putting more in the shop very soon. (thank you so much sweet customer...i read your bio and you sound lovely!!!)

Other than that all is quiet, which is good. OH, and we *think* our Mini might be ready to be picked up tomorrow, oh I have missed her so!

This is me before realizing I wanted to head out front to finish my ring.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Works in Progess

including this pretty bud
eager for the spring sun

even Bart is ready to step out
after this long cold winter

ding dong
yes the font matt says this
i was feeling a bit silly
the day i picked it out
time for a new one...

seems everyone
and everything is heading out to the open air
and now
my turn

these are my rings rerady to clean up and add spinners and flare. I like to keep plenty of my Petite and my Tomboy spinners in stock...and if you look to the left a tad, there's a bud vase, mini mini oh so mini, just the size for Alice, ready for its final stages before listing...

I hope everyone is having a lovely morning! :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Necklace, and Rings (no Peeps I Promise!)

(I'll be adding these to the shop later this afternoon, I'm late i'm late so late I need to run...)

:::::::::Edit 2PM::::::::::::
I've just listed all 3 items in my Etsy shop, the listings are also linked from above the pics shown below, bless you and thank you for looking! :-)

This is Puddie Pie, he's so ancient and has the calmest soul I've ever known in a cat. He is still receiving Sub Qs and lots of love from the family. He loves to hang out with us! His coat is looking less than Maine Coon for many reasons, he's 19, he's pretty ill, and he never bathes. So mamma gave him a bath and this is what he looked like soon after...

Yesterday I had all intentions of taking the day off and meandering around the coffee shop and book store...which never happened, instead my studio pulled me in like a huge magnet and these pretties came to be. (The red enamel ring has been shown before on this blog, but I did tweak it some)

So here they are, I'll list them in my shop later...

Etsy Listing for BirdieBlueTurquoiseStackingRings

BirdieBlueTurquoiseStackingRings...and I will not be using liver of sulfur on the birds...they will oxidize on their own...this set is a size 8 3/4...the center ring is adorned by two sterling silver stackers.

Etsy Listing fo PlayfulSpringFlowerPendant all in Sterling Silver
oh oh oh yes yes yes, she moves, she moves a lot, she's fun to play with because all of the buds are movable...you can see from this side view. A pretty flower pendant in sterling silver, all dapped and formed by me, with an 18" chain, my mark on the tag and .925 silver, if you wear this you will be fidgeting with it. (because it's so darned fun!) :-)

front view

Etsy Listing for Poppy Round Red Ring in Sterling Silver
This Red Red Ring is not too big, and prong set with a pretty deep red enameled disc. The ring shank is chunky and marked with my sign and .925. She's meant to look like a red bud inside a blooming flower. She's a size 9.

another view

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Washington Post Annual Peeps Diorama Contest #4

Yes I spent a ridiculous amount of hours, glue, paint, (raided a friends sons stash of old plastic miniature guns and knives thankyouConor!), spent hours at Target finding the perfect Shoe near the Barbie accessory area in the toy department(good grief!), smashed up perfectly good miniature Irish novelty plastic liquor bottles and basically just had a helluva peep'n good time. (i must say those Peeps are a funky mess when pulled, melted, and generally messed with- though sawing and cutting the limbs was a wee bit fun :D)

I even held my own Peeptest here on my blog to guess the theme of my Peep Diorama by answering 5 questions. Nina, of BeadsintheBelfry from Etsy won, and a few days later received a non-Peep, nor edible, nor glued in any way, Petite Spinner ring from my shop. It was such a hoot to have her play along, because she was sneaky and took no prisoners!

I have not heard back from anyone at the Washington Post regarding the status of my entry, and I do believe my Peeps will succumb to ants (we recently discovered itty bitty ants in the house). They might grow mold? <---I'm not sure if that's possible. If the humidity starts up they might begin to wilt a bit. I have the diorama stored on a high shelf in my smithing studio, where I often open windows while working on my rings and other shiny things...so...in all my peepsimism I believe the odds are not in my Peeps favor for a win or honorable mention.

(oh and hubby said he thinks the thing might be "too bloody" for the contest, I say bah-humbug, we artists SUFFER for our work muwhahahhahaaa...)

With all that said, I'll dare to share with you
Inglourious Peepsterds
Operation Kino (Operation Peepno)

another sick view :P

Sketchbook is full and I am Empty (Sister Wendy Beckett I'm looking for you!)

from exhaustion. Emotional refills, spiritual time and general meandering around points of interest outside the home are in order today.

Yesterday was wonderful as I spent the day in Alexandria, at The Art League studio where I take ongoing classes, and surround myself with other creative creatures. (it's a lovely lovely thing to do, to put yourself into a room full of other artists and observe, listen, tune-out, tune-in, laugh and almost cry over the same mistake made twice in a row- all the while the rooms are buzzing with creative energy and it is like being home.) If I could not afford this luxury I would make it happen with other local artists/friends.

It's weird to stop an intensely creative flow to run out and meet with an insurance investigator at the scene of an accident from 7 days ago (2 blocks up from the glorious, historic Potomac River)...it wasn't a super serious accident, no one was hurt, but my Mini is in the shop and will need the front (bonnet) to be repaired as she is not drivable. There was a short feeling of discomfort of going back to the scene -with a stranger - and retelling my story, my truth, my memory of what happened and relaying it to someone I just met. It went very well! The whole interaction went smoothly and we parted. Isn't it freaky when such an impact occurs out in the open without a witness? (read what you would like into this former bold sentence)

Returning to the studio however was odd. It's easy to lose the creative flow by distractions of a simple car collision from days ago (metal slammed into metal is a freaky sound). It's more difficult to try to get back into the zone and keep going with the same frame of mind.

(Paula your ring is about 3/4s of the way finished and will be finished next Wednesday with the help of my instructor...this ring has been an amazing wonderful challenge as it is filled with various golds, and a couple of tricky smithing moves that are new to me. This ring is also loaded with metal!) Thank you for your patience with this one!!!

So today I sit in my freshly swept studio...and am picking up and touching, fiddling and playing with about a dozen or more projects in the works (that's how I love to work on a new piece btw) So, hopefully later today or tomorrow you will see some new items in my shop, ready for new homes.

I'm going to treat myself to a day out in the coffee shop, and then the book store and allow myself to rejuvenate. I'm on the lookout for the old PBS series featuring Sister Wendy Beckett, does anyone remember her lessons on art history? I loved watching her, as her hands pointed out to arcs of legs and placement of color and subject, all with a story to decipher...and I know she has some books out so off I go...to find her.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Un-Tomboy Girly Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

My newest design for a spinner ring...it's all silver and all thick with a very feminine touch. It's similar looking to my Tomboy Spinner Ring, though will never be oxidized and is much chunkier. I'll be adding her to my shop soon, first I need to finish some other loose ends here in my studio.

Etsy Listing for Un-Tomboy Girly Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

It's been a few days since I've blogged, so unlike me! I've had some rings to catch up on, lovely lovely spinner rings, custom all the way!

My peeps may or may not have made the final cut, there's a few weeks to wait and find out, meanwhile we are told to keep our Peeps dioramas in tact, and ready if we get the call to have them photogrpahed. Guess what??? We have ants! As soon as the weather changed, we began noticing these teeny tiny itty bitty little wee ants. (I think they're cute, hubby does not) My Peeps diorama, or Peeporama is up high on a shelf tucked away safely from the little critters in my studio. I will definitely do a time lapse photo essay IF the ants find it. I have a feeling the ants will find it before the judges do! :-) (that's realism, not pessimism!)

At some point I'll post some pics of the diorama, I'm just not ready.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first buds of Spring!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

If It Makes You Happy

love love love this vid, the colors, the irony, her voice, everything

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess This Movie Scene and Win This Spinner Ring

As some of you who read my blog may already know, I spent a good many hours working on a Peep Diorama for a local contest. I have no idea what my standing is...it would be nice to make it into the top 40. Time will tell...

So for now I'd love to give away this spinner ring, made, ready to ship, it's my Petite Spinner, size 8.5

all you need to do to win this sweetie is to
1.guess the REAL name of the Oscar nominated movie I chose for the theme of my Peep diorama. :Hint: The movie is from 2009
2.The scene name :Hint: Very distinct in the movie
3.The name of the Peep shown (yes this character has a name in the movie):Hint:If it were me I'd google this guy's name once I realize the movie from the clues in the peek of the peep scene:
4.The name of the Peep who put the knife into this character (very prominent name in the movie) :Hint: Again I'd google this guys name too!
5. I've redubbed the title of the movie to fit in with the Peep theme, it's not a stretch, and it's cute, it makes the title go from rated PG to rated G! :Hint: I just changed question #5 so it's a hint in itself :D

Once you have all 5 answers post them here and the first person to get them all exactly correct will win this pretty and I will ship it to you tomorrow :-)

Good luck! May the Peeps be with you too!:P

Here's just a PEEPK into the diorama for you to guess the 5 questions above:-)

Spinner Rings, Mini Accidents and Peeps Contest

Just a little update on what's been going on in my life this week.

I did manage to finish my Peeps diorama, and get it turned in on time (with a few hours to spare). It may not even make the finals- either way I'll post a pic of it in a few days after I find out where it stands. (I found out many interesting things about Peeps during this intriguing and quite gooey process) Yes (I admit right here) I ate a few ears, heads and other body parts as the temptation for sugar seemed to quell my stress level - excuses, excuses! Peeps are just not super tasty, but, they are fantastic in a cup of cocoa!!! Several friends mentioned they love their peeps stale, and enjoy the sound of the SNAP as they break off an ear to enjoy. (leave your peeps out of the cellophane for a few hours and they are stale) Overnight they become pretty hard!

A hot glue gun and a peep make for an interesting internal Peep spillage. Oh the Peepanity!

Here's a peep-a-boo from a much larger scene of my diorama...the setting is a scene from one of this years Oscar nominated movies...

Spinner rings were super fun to make these past couple of weeks. I have a couple more on my list. Meanwhile the studio has reopened in Alexandria (where I take ongoing smithing classes). It was closed for a couple of weeks due to all that snow we received.

The drive to Alexandria from my burb is interesting. It's not a super far drive however in this metro area driving in thick traffic can test ones patience. The destination is always worth the effort and yesterday while driving out of the parking lot, where I paid to house Mini while smithing, I noticed how gorgeous the Potomac was to my right as I looked for oncoming traffic. In fact, it had just started to rain, cold cold rain. And the day had become very gray. So, I looked left, then right, left again, pulled out, turned left and just as I was in 1st gear another car pulled out of a parallel parking spot in front of me, from my right side. It's one of those moments when you know there is nothing to do but break. No one was hurt, it's considered a fender bender. Alexandria's Finest was there very fast. Poor Mini was not drivable. Her right front tire area bonnet as they say across the pond, had been smashed back into the wheel a bit. The wait for AAA was less than an hour and during that time I was able to call insurance co, hubby, etc. Mini's have to be hooked (usually from front) onto a flatbed truck. So I dug out the big fat hooks from the boot (as they say across the Pond) and readied it for the guy from AAA. It was such a relief to climb into his warm cab and relax on the long ride home. I have a totally new perspective of the people who drive the bigger rigs in heavy traffic.

I'll be dealing with insurance people and (hopefully) a rental car person today. Mini is currently our only vehicle, which is fine as hubby commutes from door to door to DC each day.

Here's the ring I made and will list in the shop soon, It's similar looking to my Tomboy Spinner Ring, but has no oxidation, is much thicker, chunkier and totes an extra band.

Yesterday I just about completed a very pretty ring holder/mini bud vase all in sterling silver for my AutumnLeavesHome shop. I'll try to get pics later.

Spring must be on its way, the birdies are chirping and chirping outside!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Cup is Full

and I want to share it with you!

first off, my Peeps thingie is almost done, yes I am down to the last minute

I got a wonderful surprise from Mary of Etsy in the form of making it into a mass email that goes out to buyers. The theme is 'In Like A Lion' and has several categories.

My Shamrock made it...I hope to be making sending of these soon!

Sterling Silver Shamrock Slainte

oh boy this is FUN! :-)

Hope everyone is starting to warm up and the snow is melting...the birdies have yet to find our birdseed, but the squirrels are enjoying it!

Etsy Listing for Shamrock Slainte