Sunday, February 28, 2010

...and the Peep goes on...

It's been a pretty fun weekend. I spent yesterday building and building more props into my Peep Diorama for the local contest. (i'm learning so many odd things about the nature of a Peep)

Last night hubby and I enjoyed a great home cooked meal at our friends house. I was so tired/exhausted from my Peep project I took an afternoon nap and when it was time to get ready to head over for dinner I was grumpy and it took all the tickling powers of hubby to get me laughing and up to gather a second wind.

It's good to leave the cave, it's good to get outside even if you're only at the grocery store picking up dessert and libations for the evening. It's wonderful to sit with old friends and laugh and let go!

Later today my daughter and I have some shopping time planned. It's been a while since we've spent time alone together. (she works 2 jobs) I'm usually in my studio...or when we do meet up, it's in front of a movie...yes I admit I am a huge movie hound. I got into Peepdom land again...

It has been an outstanding month in my shop and I feel more than blessed. I'll be busy making spinner rings tomorrow in my studio...and I *think* classes resume again in Alexandria (the unusually large amounts of snow really locked us in for a bit) and class schedule was moved around.

This Peep girl is looking forward to spring!!!

This bloomed in the kitchen yesterday...yes pretty blooms happen even in the middle of a gray day...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Got That Friday Feeling

...and it's lovely! So is this video by Sheryl Crow...

Happy Weekend! thank you dear sweet customers, all orders not sent today will go out on Monday :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fresh Metal

is a lovely thing for this metalhead!

meanwhile, among other projects I will be making one of these...

I feel so grateful for the ability to work from home, create from home, and have a hubby who understands this artist could never survive in an office environment. I love him so much (bigger than the sky)

Last weekend we did this...the company hubby works for does volunteer work, and we signed on to spend a Saturday morning helping out with the USO. It's very moving to see what simple supplies go out to a person thousands of miles away, deployed, away from their family...maybe these goodies remind them of home, I know it keeps them from growing beards! Anyway, it felt good, we hope to volunteer more time, we loved doing this as a couple! (sometimes it feels good to get out of your own worries and sorrows and see the whole world...and realize how we occupy only a small part of it...and damn it it's just a good thing to do!:P)...pssst you get to have belly laughs too...and donuts...and other goodies :D (no Peeps were there!)

High winds are expected in our area, luckily we will dodge the snow this time around. I heard up north they got hit with a lot of snow. Stay warm!!!

Going to stick to my new schedule and close shop on Saturday and Sunday to be with my family...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sláinte - Good Health/Good Luck

Sláinte - Good Health/Good Luck

something we all need...a little Gaelic on this cloudy gray sky day...

this will be in the shop soon...
Here She is...
Etsy Listing for Sláinte - Good Health/Good Luck
If you like this, look for a couple of more Gaelic expressions

Meanwhile, in Peepville I'm finally getting down to really zoning in on my theme for my Peep Diorama

Yesterday I did try a Pink One, it was good in my old fashioned hot cocoa!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere

Aren't these so delicate and pretty, they look like felted stones...

This nest was found hanging from our carport in the midst of all this crazy snow...look at what these little guys build over and over and over...

...and when the artist moves a piece just a little a new design forms...

Imagine my surprise to walk into my studio and find Bart in Puddie's box by my window...he looks a little guilty to me...

I'm opening my shop back up for the last week of February. I have an outside project I'm working on purely for fun, nothing to do with Etsy. (think Peeps, yes those marshmallow treats!)

Today I'll be working on a better system with regards to my custom Spinner will keep me sane and you much happier about the designs you choose :-)

It was a super sunny morning when I went downstairs for coffee...the sun streamed in and filled the house and my soul with glee.

Giddyup giddy upgiddyup upUP! :P

Friday, February 19, 2010

She's Sooooooo Stealth And Shiny!

I'm ready to close shop for the weekend. I'm looking forward to working on another spinner which should start early next week :-)

This one will go out tomorrow, actually there are two, the first is a long (wide) spinner, oxidized, with a 14k yellow band. She is small in size, so she looks longer. The spinner below is my Petite Spinner, same exact size, amazing huh? (perspectives)

She loved her tumble with the other pieces I finished and will be mailing out tomorrow. I think they snacked together and talked about Peeps while tumbling. (I can hear them sometimes) They are funny that way! :P

Busy Weekend Ahead

Hubby and I will be volunteering some of our time at Ft. Belvoir, specifically for the troops thru USO helping put together care packages. I'm hoping this will become something I can become more involved in once I found out more about how to stay involved.

It won't happen this weekend, but let me say that I cannot wait to get to Cincinnati to eat at this restaurant
Paula's Cafe there's a blog called Get in Mah Belly which I've been enjoying reading as well. This is the kind of place hubby and I would love to have in our town, and would gladly wait in line for our food, or even for a table!!!

Someday I'm going to close shop for a month and take a month long road trip to meet clients who have become dear friends. On my map is our wide open Prairie to see Caroline.

Do you ever get those moments (they don't last long so grab on and hold tight) where you believe all good things are possible and you wish everyone could feel how good you feel right then? You picture a booming cafe in Cincinnati, and a windy prairie where you get to finally have that coffee with a dear friend because you know you'll have belly laughs to spare? It's as if you are in all of these places embracing these warm souls already.

This is going to be a very special weekend. I cannot wait to see and meet The Girls, one of whom I am particularly fond of and we have shared many smithing days together to encourage each other along...more on that later...I'll be closing shop tonight for the weekend. Hubby will be glued to his comfy chair with remote watching golf...

What are your plans?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Changed Landscape :Updated with Pic:

They say it's good temps are not getting above freezing -too fast- for very long so we don't have tons of snow melting all at once.

The weirdest thing is losing a bit of landscape memory because of these piles (and I mean 8'-10'-12' feet high piles) of snow in many places. Usually parking lots, near schools, entrances to secondary roads. I'm amazed that the kids have managed to get to school this week with no horrible scrapes or worse.

Speaking of changed landscapes I'm going to be adding some softer pieces to my shop for March (I want to think green for growth and lace for Spring!) If the sun peaks out enough today I'll have pics of my first of many to offer.

Here she is! :-) Lace making is an ancient craft, and oh is it fun in metal! Getting the edges of the holes to feel as smooth as silk is such a wonderful tactile experience!!! More pieces to come soon...
Etsy Listing Here

My day will be full of making custom rings, thank you dear customers, you are so so so lovely! I'm in my studio, coffee in hand, my pickle solution is heating, and I've got solitaire up on the computer screen and am ready to move over to my bench to start sizing ring orders! :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day with Neighbor Kids...We Unplugged

We decided to have a Play Day in the snow! Sitting around plugged into cyberspace can really make a person cranky. I dared hubby to round up some kids from our neighborhood and build a fort or an igloo. My first suggestion was a snow sculpture, or snow person/animal...those suggestions caused hubby to give me that funny "you're an artist and I'm not look"
An hour later I was out, with about 5 layers of clothing on knocking on our neighbors door.

I will tell you this, climbing up to the area we chose to attempt our fortress was quite a feat on our feet. These older bones were a little shocked to walk in a couple of feet of settled snow. The kids took it all in stride.

It was windy so we made a large circle in the snow and built a nice wall around so we could enjoy some home made (yes the old fashioned) hot cocoa. Remember that? MMM it was so good too.

Hubby was determined to make an igloo

It proved a fun area to hide from winds, though later those who sought out this area for comfort got hit by snowballs! (for a while there was a sweet girl I'll just call Teen, well...Teen spent her whole time in the igloo texting, what else would a teen in an igloo do???) :P

Managed to catch a snowball in the air, see if you can find it?

Look at this stash of freshly made snow balls!!!

We went thru 2 batches of home made hot cocoa, enjoyed the sun in the snow, something I hadn't realized you could do unless skiing.

Later hubby and I took our Tylenol and headed out for an early dinner at one of our favorite Irish Pub. We enjoyed very heavy Irish winter foods with wonderful beer on tap.

We chose some live calla lilies for our daughter for Valentines Day, she loves them, I'd like to figure out to grow them :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paula's Custom Spinner Ring...

(a lil note, never wear a yellow shirt when photographing a shiny metal! going with grey next time!)

I had sooooooooo much fun with this ring! Oh the layers of metals felt like painting. It was a super duper tactile experience. Between the 2 of us working out what would look, feel and work best we came up with this:

She's supa-chunka-deli-luscious! She's also very full of gold and sterling silver, but she's not pretentious. She just loves to move and spin!

It was a challenge to get the spinners to spin freely while keeping the integrity of the gold dots along the shank of the ring.

4 golds are used, and sterling silver...

Taking the rest of today off and enjoying some movies maybe even a date with hubby later!

What are you up to? (Oh and we totally missed the Vancouver Olympic opening, hoping to find it somwhere!!!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, Studio Open :-)

(...a work in progress)

I'm working! I'm still here!!!(I'm not shoveling!!!)

Or glued to the TV watching live coverage of the following:

Facebook Organized Snowball Fights at Dupont Circle
Cleared out grocery shelves
Long lines at grocery stores
Videos of people snow boarding off the sides of their roofs into the snow (yes they did) o.0
Cars getting stuck in the snow
People pushing cars that are stuck in the snow
(have I mentioned all the cars that were stuck in the snow?)

Getting ready for an appt, which will occur right when DC Fed Govt opens its offices (officially) and public transportation is all up and running, woohoo add a Mini into the mix!

Waiter! More coffee PLEASE!? :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Studio Open and Snowed In

first customer, I was so thrilled to see a little body filling up on the goodies, I was worried he'd be stuck in the semi-frozen peanut butter, but he prevailed! :P

teee hehehehhe heee hee heehee hahahh muawahhahahah they can't have him! he is FREE to roam another day!!!! :P

I plan to finish this really really cool spinner ring today, I can't wait to show you! Also some orders came in and one included my Unquiet Heart Ring, Thank You sweet customers! I'm not sure if the P.O. is open today, if mail delivery is a go, some of these will go out today!

Just a reminder that I do have 1 Unquiet Ring available in my shop, and the Unquiet Heart Pendant is still a dinging awaiting its new home!

Hope everyone ie safe and warm! I'm having my coffee!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flat Roof Snow Removal Part II (new Pics as of noon)

::UPDATE:: We are having high winds and staying insdide for the day if at all's really not safe to be driving today at all. (no post office runs from this house either...)

Caroline thanks for the birdie food suggestion. I did a Gooogle search and found out all kinds of foods they like. Our daughter bought a bag of raw sunflower seeds. I've got a big huge peanut can (cleaned out) with an apple covered in peanut butter and filled with sunflower seeds. The winds are so strong I doubt (as you said) the birdies want to flit about? I didn't realize they were waiting, nor did I understand that they have no access to insects, etc and are relying on bird feeders. Doh makes sense now.

Here's some new pics from around 9 this morning
Back Deck, yeah that's high

Our front, no shoveling unitl tomorrow probably...

Guys coming down from roof across the way, they removed all the snow in high winds...

Quick question for you birdie feeders- how do I make a sheltered bird feeder fast? Nothing fancy or artsy...and I have little salt-free sunflower seeds...what else do they like? (thanks)

It's starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day around here.
But we are so lucky...we have heat, and food and water. Lots of folks have been without power for days...and it is cold...

Yesterday morning I heard hubby speaking to a neighbor via phone, I was still half in my sweet slumber but quickly jarred into the day with these words---
"Okay, I'm going to run up and get an hour in while I can."
Oh man he made me furious and I never got dressed so fast for a ladder climb in my life!
-----------------------February 9th, 2010----------------------
Daughter, Angelica, out front, she and I threw about 4 water bottles up to Dad, only to have them oddly return and land in the several feet of snow, we'll find them come Spring! He did get a fresh bottle, a 15 year old neighbor got one up with one fast chuck, hurt a little...only a little...

Needless to say the snow was so heavy and thick up there he could only get about a tenth of the roof done in an hour.

Neighbors removing ladder for their roof after hubby made it safely up...

We got the call that one of the roofing co's were willing to come out and clear us out for @@\!!!! amount of money. With hubby on our roof and a neighbors teen kids up on another roof, we gladly decided to cave in and pay the high cost for a worry-free flat snow-free roof. Another neighbor joined in on the cost which helped. It was comforting knowing that we did everything humanly possible to avoid at best- leaks- at worst- a cave in.

Angelica making room on back deck for roofers to drop roof snow...

Left front of house, after roofers left...about 5-6 feet

Last night, Feb 9th, 2010 after snow roof removal - out front

As of this morning I'm not sure how many more inches we have on the roof, though nothing as compared to before. It's been snowing, our paved walkways are covered in white, I'm not sure how many inches so far, we're due for more today, along with very heavy winds.

the winds are strong out the back window as I write this...I'm not sure if the snow is super heavy or its a mixture of both wind blown snow and new snow?

This is all new to me...

I plan to work on finishing a custom spinner ring, and another sweet order for a Petite Spinner came thru...which will keep me in my studio later, when the neighbors start moving about.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flat Roof Snow Removal

and hubby will start on his own, he won't wait for the guys we are paying (number 4 on the list) or the neighbor who is sending his 2 teen kids up to help out.

flat roof- note to self:
Never buy another house with a flat roof!

wish us luck...there is no stopping this stubborn man!

I think we're in for another 10-20" later today...

Hoping all those thousands of homes without power, and no heat, get it back soon!

::UPDATE 10:00::
Found alternate roofers, hubby's off roof and wiped out, hoping to get a group of neighbors in on the removal fees.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Despite the sadness of memories the snow brings, it is so beautiful...and who could turn away from the sounds of laughter from the kids as they play? (this is a note to myself- I'm so sad when it snows, and so giddy too) Life is a mixed bag baby, and sometimes you just gotta cry and laugh and bang on some metal.

Hubby and I ventured out this morning to a Starbucks where a couple of the machines were broken, so we had to purchase espresso drinks uh oh!!! :P

It's nice to get out and walk, but walking along the roads here is so dangerous because of the cars. (there is nowhere else to walk aside from the roads)

First...hubby found this little fellow outside our back deck, (which explains why Scrappy has been jumping around mewing in that area of the house)

The Mini can only take us so far...a lot of side roads are not's the grocery list hubby started, it got longer...we are due for another 5+ inches tomorrow. Hubby's working from home today.

I am craving color, so I brought some fun markers and sought refuge in my sketch pad for some fun designs. I'm definitely making a very fun "out there" Valentine statement ring today!
I feel so blessed to have received a Custom Order on Etsy last might for a special super chunky spinner ring, with all gold spinners...this is going to be a super-chunka-funkadelic fun ring to make!!!

Here's my sweetheart hubby, Johnny, looking forward to...? To the date he just went on with his Pa to the grocery store to shop together? (isn't it cute?) they are very close...also...we prefer hubby to drive his Pa in these conditions...

Meanwhile I am in my studio, and will be making the custom spinner ring I mentioned, and a very cool Valentine ring, a one of a kind.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Digging Out...DC Snowmaggedon

::UPDATE 1pm::
At noon our snow measured around 22-23"
Hubby went out to shovel, lookie why he went! :P

::::Update 9:05am::
Last Night after digging second time...

This morning...they say we got 18" (i think beyond a foot who cares?!)

Neighbhor cleared off the extra wheel of his SUV to let his son watch Bobcat move snow from Cul-de-sac

Care beginning the morning dig-out

it's hard work :P

Hubby's turn!!! :p

I have never been in this kind of snow fall...luckily we haven't lost power (our lines are underground) but there's always a chance...I feel so sorry for the thousands who have no power overnight.

Pics to come...we have about 18" as of this morning...still coming.

We've been enjoying the Ustreams of video in our surrounding area, people with cams set up feeding birdies, someone had a yardstick on a cooler with Super Mario, (i think Mario got burried)...

Hubby shoveled till about 11 last night, I just started this morning. Wow, it's heave lifting.

*waves to everyone*

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Week in Pics...Pre Kaiser Snowze!

The snow is falling all around the Northern Va, DC,MD area...we are in for maybe up to 2 feet, we'll see...hubby just started shoveling.
We were up at 4:30am to get to the all night Harris Teeter to be surprised as we walked in to find...empty shelves! (not totally, but the one banana was a funny site) The produce was low, milk was nil, and when we went to check out the lines were already long. Upon reaching our turn at the cash register we learned could not purchase our 2 bottles of wine -hubby took so long to pick out- as I ran around grabbing cat was 5:55 AM, alcohol in our state cannot be sold until 6 AM (so we learned). we simply couldn't hold up the people in line behind us (many looking like they just rolled out of bed with the idea we had in getting an early shot at some goods before the shelves clear out)in this fast paced area...needles to say we left the wine. (Later, after hubby got home from DC we ventured over to Whole Foods and were able to choose some wine, and fresh produce.) There will be stew on a snowy day!!!

Yesterday I enjoyed a play date with a dear friend, Jodi, who is an awesome artist and jeweler. I brought her cupcakes (check out the vintage aprons she sewed together for her window in one section of her studio)

Check out The Magpie's Treasure Blog here :-) she's' doing some intricate hinge-work...

She actually worked on a piece which is going to be so beautiful when finished (though it's already beautiful because she sketches her designs and puts so much thought and patience into her work). See her link above for her latest piece!!!

I, on the other hand, decided to "play" in another area of her studio...I was feeling crafty and wanted to feel like a kid.

Her boy-cat decided he would like to have a nap along my scraps...isn't he something?

I had some lovely Etsy orders come in for Valentines Day and loved putting them together and out to the post office! Thank you dear dear customers (friends) for your orders! The goodies will be at your houses tomorrow (weather permitting, or Monday!)

A couple of days before this, after another snow storm where we had about 4 inches of snow, hubby and I snuck off for one of our coffee dates. I was in dire need of a new phone, so here he is checking it all out for me.

(I love this boy so much)

Here's Bart enjoying our new carpet, look at those blue eyes!

and finally, here's Scrappy, she loves to sit in hiding spots and watch!

Hope to get pics of my other 2 furry creatures tomorrow


I hope everyone is warm and safe!