Friday, January 29, 2010

New Item for my AutumnLeavesHome Shop on Etsy

mmmmmmmmmmm cake! Cake? Cake! (and frosting!)

Etsy Shop Listing for Mini Candlestick Holder in Sterling Silver- Make a Wish!

first, may I just say I have not had this much sugar in one day in a lonnnng time...Note to self:

Self "yes?"

Please practice self control on the next foodie prop shoot

Self ::Thunk::

See? I told you so!

So, here she miniature sterling silver candlestick holder for cupcakes, little cakes, anniversaries, birthdays, any kind of celebration.

I am making many of these with varying they'll be fun to collect!

Here's the first for AutumnLeavesHome shop on Etsy

if you click on pic and scroll to candle stick you will see I used my love of anticlastic forming for the stylized branch handle

My name is on the bottom, it is all sterling silver, tube was completely formed by me. (as was everything else)

The icing was really first...then it started tasting like pasty butter with sugar and maybe a sprinkle of old water from a outside know...I took the tasting too far :P

(it was worth it)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Piece Donated to HeartsforHaiti on Etsy

has sold...

I think they are selling like mad, (all of their items) and it's such an amazing feeling to know all of these artists, and patrons, are reaching out to give give give!

This piece sat in my shop so long I put it on sale - and it sold quite fast over at HeartsforHaiti. It's going to its new home in France tomorrow. The folks running that shop are AMAZING to work with I have no idea how they are holding up!!! Kudos to them all!!!

Fire Orange Opal October Birthstone Ring in Silver and Gold

Artists, please donate if you have a spare piece- and buyers please look to this site to help Doctors Without Borders
HeartsforHaiti's Shop on Etsy

I believe they have sold just under 2,000 items in less than 2 weeks? (i probably have the numbers wrong)

I spent the day in my cccccold studio making a new piece I've been designing for my AutumnLeavesHome shop for some time now.I'll be making lots of these. It felt like play and hard work mixed. I was able to facilitate my love for anticlastic forming of sterling silver. The overall look is really sweet.

It will debut tomorrow, I'm missing one element, not made by me, from my kitchen! (I'll either need to go to my neighbors and beg, or take my sore muscled self out to the store)

It's been a fantastic, satisfying day! :-) I hope everyone is safe and warm!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Canada! Hope for Haiti through Etsy Artists

I just received my Maple Pin for Haiti Relief from Bellabijoujewellery and I was thrilled! As always her packaging is so pretty all by itself. The PIN is adorable and very sweet. It carries with it hope, hope for Haiti survivors as this pin was purchased through Jaime's shop Bella Bijou Jewellery on Etsy so that monies could be donated to the Red Cross!

You can purchase yours here! WOOT I'm wearing mine!!!
LEAF FOR RELIEF Maple Leaf Pin for Haiti Earthquake Relief (This photo is property of BellabijouJewellery)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I did a google search for colors...and there is a page for this subject. Then I found the most alluring photo by Author MichaelMaggs, 14 October 2007(2007-10-14)

List of colors- Wikipedia

I clicked on an interesting sounding color name and found this:
of course there was a link because everything links in cyberspace...however I was thrilled to see
the link led to this
Coquelicot is a bright red color, tinted with orange. It is the color of flowers of Papaver rhoeas, the corn poppy. In French, coquelicot is a vernacular name of this poppy. Claude Monet painted "Les Coquelicots" or "Poppies Blooming" in 1873.

Les Coquelicots by Claude Monet, 1873.The first recorded use of coquelicot as a color name in English was in the year 1795.

Coquelicot in human culture
Coquelicot is the name of a character in the 1967 French film King of Hearts (1966 film).

The character Isabella in Jane Austen's novel Northanger Abbey favorably describes hat ribbons of the color. In a letter to her sister Cassandra in 1796 Jane Austen reported the fact that coquelicot was the most fashionable color in Bath.

Here's a non-wiki fact, I often choose the color for my piggies (summer pedicures) based on the name given...after I decide on the shade. OPI has the most witty names!

*wiggles toesies*

I'm off to count my cats...(tis getting cold out again)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Noise Over Here

Can you hear it? Maybe if I finish in time I can make a blog and shake these rings for you.

I know it IS possible to sneak up on teen boy and be Ninja and make him go "AHHH" I did it with the pendant Saturday night, muwwhwhwhhhwahahaha...not sure about the rings yet...

This is what I look like today with my vintage apron, the windows open, hair hasn't seen a comb or brush, but life is lovely! :-) (I emailed this as a hello to hubby and he double dog dared me to put it up, so here it is...)

***Edit 2:30 pm***
Size 11, An Unquiet Ring for Valentines in Sterling Silver listed here in my Shop

Here's the size 6, I should have one in the range of an 11 or so coming up next...
Size 6- An Unquiet Ring for Valentines in Sterling Silver Listing

Someone out in the Prairie is having herself a blizzard! So, for you my dear, I shake a song thru this ring for you!!!

I need to get a pic of me today, only because it is 60 fun lovin' degrees in the nations capitol! We've had rain and wicked winds all night, not sure if the temsp will hold for long. I'm working in my studio, windows open, and it feels wonderful!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Daughters Birthday


Was this past week, she works 2 part time jobs so we managed to get out and celebrate today with a brunch.

I would love to put a pic of her when she was a baby, truth is my scanner is a little on the fritz and I don't have her permission. Like all mothers, I will say she was such a beautiful fat little baby, a pure joy, and a mothers dream come true.

I could never give her up or let her down...she will always be my child, my grown child.

My camera has fallen and it can't get up! Seriously my camera fell and was rigged back into a working position, but sadly it does not take the nicest pics unless on Macro mode, weird eh? So, here we all are, Angelica, Dad and Mom out celebrating earlier today.

It's naptime for this artist, and hubby is studying some programming language with golf on in the back ground. We've been told lots of rain will fall, so far we've not seen or heard much.

It's a nice Sunday for relaxing. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Unquiet Ring is baaaa-aaack and more Haiti Relief Fund Shops

Made to order in your size, though in a few days there will be some sizes available or simply order one now and have it ready in a few days :-) These are a joy to make and finish and I'm making one for myself!

An Unquiet Ring Etsy Listing

Not too much to report from the home front here. We've been working and relaxing. Today I'll be moving the china cabinet from the kitchen to the dining room now that the carpet is in. It's a little funny, I'lll move the contents to the dining table, get hubby to help me move the piece of furniture only so many feet away, then put the contents back in :P

Also it's a day to take boxes of clothes to a drop off center, and that will feel oh so good on so many levels!

2 links I'd like to share from Etsy shops are donating full proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, I do believe they handed over a check for 5K USD this week, and have made about 1,000 sales and are going strong. All of the items are handmade and donated from Etsy shops! Can you imagine? What a true effort from everyone who is giving and buying, all for our brothers and sisters in Haiti!
Here is their Etsy shop Link

A gal from Canada, who is an outstanding Jeweler, has her own Haiti relief effort
here's her link, she can tell you best about her efforts. I have ordered this item from her and look forward to wearing it and talking abouut it to everyone I meet!
Bella-Bijiou Jewellery Haiti Relief Pins

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peter Gabriel, 'Heroes'

More Valentine promised...

I cannot seem to stop...and when I do I'll sleep for a whole day and then eat a yummy stew made by hubby(Okay I can stop and I'm only predicting sweet hubby will make the next batch!) If I could I would go back right now and produce more, but other non-artsy duties call...until I recharge, which won't take long, I'm in supercharge mode...for some that may be slow, for others it may seem's just me...

We are all juggling so much, I've been reading blogs where people are looking for work outside of Etsy, or already work outside of Etsy and do an outstanding job with their shops...maybe you're just starting out on Etsy. Give it time and love your work. (honor it too) And the most amazing part is aside from all of us working so hard at dayjobs, with our art, and our shops, we are giving what we can for the relief of Haiti.

Truly though since yesterday I have been making and making things in my studio, here's the Unquiet Heart series...Earrings to come, first I must do laundry, rehydrate and have a frozen Snickers bar. (hubby double dog dared me to actually put my laundry away after folding, ha ha ha) I will try...

This is the Pendant, it has 2 hearts. And it has a sterling silver bead inside which makes it An Unquiet Heart Pendant. I tried it on, I walked down and up the stairs (yes in that order) and it made a sweet noise. I'm sure if I wanted to make it louder I could easily just hold it up in my hand and shake rattle and roll it.

I think if I were holding a baby it would get a kick out of the noise. I wouldn not let said baby put its mouth on metal!!! (but that's just me)

Listing for An Unquiet Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

Here's her back side...metal is always ready to be seen in 3D! (remember NOT for Ninja!) The bail is soldered to the back and the ends are very very smoothly sanded, my hallmark and .925 are stamped. There's a heart too, just because.

more in a dryer is on buzz cycle...
I'm back, towel load, takes a while...

Here's the rings I finished. I now have one availale in an 8 3/4 along with the pendant.
2 days ago I was so blessed to have 2 of the heart rings sell. I was even more blessed to hear the Box of Sky Turquoise Pendant sold on HeartforHaiti's site on Etsy.

Just the rings

off to list pendant and ring...

...and I will finish the laundry dangnabbit...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Middle of Process & How you can help Haiti

This is the super fun part of the process of creating art, the process itself! I spent today working on these pieces. One has been purchased, another is a custom. I will have another ring ready tomorrow which will go into the shop and also a Pendant. I'm excited about the pendant, it has 2 overlapping hearts. It will rattle for you. (or you can try to be Ninja)

pssst this is what i like to refer to as the beautiful-ugly stage of creating metal jewelery, the patina is begging to be finished and the cabs to be set!

A very wise person said not to even have my browser open to news sites when I'm feeling very anxious. He's right, and I'm right to at least look to see what's going on in the world...just like everyone else the news of the huge scale aftershock in Haiti just sent me crying wishing I could do more.

A fellow smither posted a link to a collective of Etsy shops (on Etsy) where all of the proceeds of the donated pieces goes to Doctors Without Borders. The item below is donated, from my shop, it's also only one of many of hundreds of items donated by fellow Etsians, you will find every kind of art and all price ranges. I urge you to shop here, or if you are not interested in art, please donate thru the Red Cross or any way you can. I bet I'm preaching to the choir (as they say). It does feel good to know something we artists sweat and pour our souls into can be given two-fold.

If you are on Etsy and would like to donate an item or items just convo or email and someone will get back to you fast.

I convo'd with a lovely woman named Angie and had a good cry (the kind that connects you to the greater good in life)you know what I mean? (of course you do...)

Here is the link for HeartsforHaiti's

Link to this item on HeartsforHaiti's shopif you purchase this all proceeds go to this cause, and shipping is free...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Result

Etsy Shop Listing for An Unquiet Ring for Valentines Day

A very noisy ring that has a sterling silver bead inside with outer holes above the sweat soldered heart so you can hear her ping rattle and roll!

Here are the pics, I'll give size and more about the ring when I return(and will list in my shop). I'll be making more of these in earrings and pendants because I love the process and even more, the result!!!

More later, I'm late for an appt, I was out at the DMV earlier, much earlier, and had a very fitful nights slept. So onward we go! :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Process

of creating art is always changing, thank goodness for that.

Hubby and I had a wonderful date at the book store (coffee and brekky beforehand). He made me laugh so hard right after theses photos were taken my tummy ached.

I'm thinking a lot about Haiti, about other hardships people endure- daily- around this world. God please give everyone the feeling of peace.

Volunteers and doctors and rescue workers are heroes. Truly.

I'm taking my time building a ring, sketching out my design, because this part of the process is pure joy to me. The way the pencil feels in my hand and the soft, heavy texture of paper feels luxurious.

This is living...right I sketch out my new design and allow myself to be in the moment. Later I will savor time in the studio working through the next process of working with the metal from the original sketch.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For The Love of Turquoise and Silver

Box Of Sky Turquoise and Silver Pendant
Box Of Sky Turquoise and Silver Pendant

If you could hold a box of sky what would it look like? This puffy version of turquoise reminds me of the sunny blue sky days. It's a sweet patch of blue stone with a pretty handmade bail and clasp. My hallmark is on the back. :)
The chain measures 18"
Full length from clasp to bottom of pendant measures 20"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For The Love Of Art

Sisterhood, and the process one feels while creating a's a ring for my cousin Gina.

Sterling Silver Poppy Ring with 14k Rose gold. There are 2 hearts stamped near the Rose gold and silver buds. She's a statement ring, not for everyday, all night, but for those days when you want to feel pretty and remember all those happy summer days back in your childhood!

backside, she's nice and clean...

I'm excited to be adding more pieces to the shop soon, I have a pretty pretty bezel in the pickle...ready to set a gorgeous turquoise stone for a pendant. I'll be stocking up the shop, it's seeming a tad empty lately. (and a wee slow which, again, is fine)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday oh so sore

But it didn't stop me from making pumpkin pancakes with butter and real maple syrup for my hubby and I! (they were so good...oh memories from last hour!!!)

There's still a whole days work ahead, hubby is running the cable lines under the drywall for the speakers before he puts the moulding up.

I'm moving the furniture from the middle of the room to the kitchen (ha hahahha hahahah ha...) but first I must make room.

Where are my I Dream of Jeannie powers? Where is Wonder Woman? Come hither dears, I need you!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

DiY Project, Final Weekend

Boddingtons (brewed in the UK)
The best (imho) cream ale you can find in a can, we used to have a nice brewery nearby...they made a nice cream ale, but Budwieser bought it, yuck.
Anywho...this is tops in my book. One fine creamy ale after a hard day of labor with the one you love :-)

Cinderella, even though I didn't want this part of the job, more more more fireplace recon to go...

Danger Will Rogers - Danger!!! Remember where all the cable wires go for our HD Surround...yes we are living without it for 2 days, oh the humanity!!! (if you've read my blog you'll know how much I (we) love movies)

i hope! :-)

It seems to have been a long week, filled with the simple act of pulling up old old dried (ruined) wood floor to make way for carpet installation. (...and leaving the old hardened black asbestos filled glue on the cement) moving furniture here and there...let me just say for this OCD girl that part has been rough. It gives a feeling of unease to know that your china cabinet is stuck against a wall in the kitchen, your books are packed in boxes lining the long, wide hallway and you have a few more to pack. (and a box to haul to the library)

You may have gone too far when it came time to tear out the hearth of the old ugly fireplace (which has the thermostat placed right above it...a builders cruel joke? Or just backwards thinking on their part?)...we'll never know. The dismantling was fun for me, it let out a lot of emotion and it felt good to sort of zone out of the things that really don't matter, the things we tend to fuss over and over and over.

I learned last weekend take the Tylenol right away and stay hydrated. (that's water, not wine or beer, those come later!)
I also learned that we are not too old to do these projects time he says "We can do this ourselves, save a ton of money"- I will pinch him, (with love and affection) right under the arm, in that somewhat fleshy part where he will be jolted back to this week and how sore we made ourselves.

I wish I'd kept a sort-of Home Journal for this house and the projects we've done or had done over the years. There are paint colors I wish to remember. This morning I spent a good amount of time online finding the old Mt. Vernon wall color...(had I kept all of this in one place, say a home journal I could refer to the paint number color)

Next comes the list making, which he's doing now.
He is transferring the data into an actual blank book, enumerating all to-dos. He's doing this by hand because I have the laptop...he's just so cute! (as an avid list maker can I just say that we do not agree about how a proper list is made?) :P

I'll add pics today, and the paint chip colors. My house is unconventional in its color choice. Most of the ceilings are a hue of blue to remind one of the sky outside. I love the colors Martha (yes, I refer to Mrs. Washington as Martha) chose for Mt. Vernon. They are so vibrant.

Meanwhile my Etsy shops are slow, which is just fine with me right now. After the carpet is in and all is back in place I'll head back up to my studio, and classes start back up in February in Alexandria.

Personally, I'm a little irked about the Etsy Gift Guides going away, not only was I featured here and there (bringing traffic to my shop) it was a great gateway into many many Etsy shops. In fact I shopped from the GG's often when looking for a gift. Well...not to cry over spilled milk, there are so many ways to market.

The main thing is the love of art, making the art, loving the process of making the art, I could just go on and on about art...couldn't you???

This is a rather long post, I believe I'm avoiding getting going with the downstairs...until later, with pics...I bid you a wonderful day! Stay warm and safe!


Friday, January 8, 2010

For My Brother, WJS III 1961-1981 (19 yrs) Jan 8

I realize this amazing song -written by an incredible songwriter- Don McLean is meant for Vincent Van Gogh...I thought it would be okay to go into the night with this on my blog, for my brother who I miss every single day. (I'm sure everyone in this world can relate to losing a loved one, at any age...and I hope you have fond memories when you feel sad, and remember you are not alone in sadness)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Early Winter

Love this song, love this vid, love Gwen Stefani

Monday, January 4, 2010

Luscious Art Deco Pendant in Sterling Silver, Turquoise and 14k Rose Gold

Edit Tuesday, Jan 5- a couple of photos with the necklace on...

Etsy listing in my Shop

Here she is...managed to get some pics between doing our downstairs living area...trying to get better pics of the hand made tubes that flow throughout the chain.

showing the side with the tubes I made for the piece...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

Edit:: for those of you not on facebook with me here's a pictoral view of the day

This is my China cabinet, loaded to the gills, it is not normally in my kitchen, nor is the folded old old pretty mural all folded up, ugh...clutter is not my friend! :P

Hubby (Johnny with so much energy!)

We accomplished so much!

This is me, Care, toasting in hubby's O'mama's old old chair in the middle of the old black glue, with a lovely Guinness after Day 1 long day...

We took 480 lbs of wood tiles to the dump...the week is young, and believe me
the next time I will put my foot (both feet) down to hire people to do this for us (they would most probably be done by now!) Oh well...maybe it's our last BIG DIY hurrah! :P

How is everyone doing? My blog has been calling out to me - I've lulled it to sleep for a few days, so unlike me!

It was a fruitful year for AutumnLeavesJewelry and I'd like to say Thank You to everyone who has been a part of my creations. :-)
my heart
and my soul

There's a luscious Deco piece about ready to be photographed and listed, in the mean time...

We have a big project going on in our living/dining room downstairs. Our old wood floors are about to be ripped up and hauled off (courtesy of us) Hubby is not at the stage (yet) where he can be easily talked into hiring someone to do these sorts of tasks. Meanwhile, we will take our Tylenol and drink lots of H20. I have managed, recently, to keep him from climbing onto our roof, and other bigger projects. There comes a time (imho) when a person needs to hand over the torch of DIYs to a *cough*younger, possibly more knowledgeable person. We tend to buy tools that will probably only be used once, and either lost in the void of other once-used-tools, hidden, buried (mocking us?) Maybe just giggling.

How we agreed that we would do this project ourselves is a bit of a mystery to me. (or a tad of memory denial) or maybe I was so smitten with purchasing new carpet (the exact carpet I wanted) I let it slide.

Basically in a week the carpet installers will be here to fill our floor with fluffy pretty carpet.

First, the wood floor has to come up because there are areas near the edges where water has crept in over the past 50 years to cause rot in the wood. This particular type of square wood is no longer produced and laid en masse (I guess in a perfect world we could simply order a new floor to match the old wood flooring) Truth be told, most of the squares are very dried out and beat. I'll take pics of our process.

Yesterday we moved our china cabinet into the kitchen, along with some other pieces.(the OCD in me kicked in high gear and I will say the Pledge came out!) Our hallway off the foyer is becoming built up with boxes of books and things.

I'll be culling the books when I go to put them back onto the shelves and give to the library what I'm sure won't be reread.

Will add photos later.

The wind is howling outside, it's sunny (finally) and the snow has mostly melted.