Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updated Pics

the sun is streaming in, it's so beautiful, so I snapped these, I think they are captured better than the dismal snow pics

the descriptions are a couple of blog posts below if you are interested, and updatged in my Etsy shop...for sale...

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy...my hair has so much static electricity, I'm thinking of just keeping balloons attached to my head today, I think they'll stay in place...mmmm...maybe yellow?


Willow Branch said...

So pretty & yummy!!


Nay said...

Creative Criticism Time: I think the flowers on the plate might be distracting from the pieces.

Maybe a plan background would make them pieces pop a little bit.

They are lovely!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Payaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmy!!! :-)I hope your meeting went well!!!!!!
Nay, I can take it (and I know it's meant well!), thanks, I remember it from graphic arts classes...also, I'm aware all of our browsers/computer screens look different. Anyway, I'm sure hoping my sweet customers see the beauty of the pieces :-)