Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank You

For playing my guessing game to win the spinner in the post below...Gina has won.  It was so much fun, and it always feels good to give.

I've got some wonderful necklaces for you, all sterling silver, all ready to ship(perfect for anytime and for VALENTINES DAY...they need to book their photo date, which...will most probably be later today. One of the necklaces is my little spinner on a chain, yes it was so much fun going back to my roots, kinetic jewelry!

Because I no longer solder in my home studio~ it will be sometime in January/February when I'm able to get to the big torch and make more spinners and set some Delicious  stones for you. I've been gathering them up from my favorite stone shop on Etsy, StonesInMotion, all of the stones I've received have been amazing! (I love to share my sources because I think we all prosper...)

Coloring Copper using Gesso and Colored Pencils
I tried a new technique I'm a little iffy about. I'll show you pictures of my results later as well. I'll also source the book where the information/instructions came from. I belong to a lovely group called The Ladysmiths, we are all located in and around the DC Area, VA and MD. Each month The Ladysmiths get together and try out something new, or share an old technique. I didn't make it to this last meeting, (which was too bad) because the class was all about coloring on copper. From the photos it looks like they had a great time and everyone seemed to reap the rewards of artists sharing. (Okay I admit since being invited to the group I've not made one meeting, but I will *shakes fist with jewelry saw in air!) But I do smith with many of these women at the studio we attend in Old Town, Alexandria. There's so many ways to learn and benefit from the connections we make and keep :-)

The HUGE snow storm hit the South, to the East and North of us, we got nil...but oh it's so windy out, and cold...though the sun has been out and I think our days are now getting longer, YES!!!

On a personal note, my left knee is acting up and I've done the xray/MRI thing. Just awaiting word on whether I have a torn meniscus or just a lot of....oh never mind, I don't want to get gross (what if you're eating breakfast?) or too deep into my physical issues, not that I have many...you know what I mean.

I hope everyone shared a nice holiday season and I look forward to working with you sweet customers in the year to come! :-)


susie said...

Hope that knee gets better soon.

I got everything for Christmas to try the Gesso/colored pencils on copper. There was a tutorial in one of the Metal Art magazines last year, but I haven't tried it yet, I'm excited to see how it goes, can't wait to see what you're doing. I always love to see how we all collectively can do similar things but they turn out so different:)

Take care in the snow (we got just enough to turn everything white but not enough to build a proper snowman).

ckdowns said...

Care!!!!! You are TOO much fun--your giveaway was a fabulous idea!

I've been thinking about you and the snow--glad to hear you didn't get dumped on and aren't paralyzed by the cold and drifts. :-)

That will be US this weekend if the forecast holds true.

I'm just coming up for air, since last Wednesday--the equivalent of 3 1/2 issues of our paper done in half the usual amount of time. I think I mentally block out this stress and schedule every January and then completely forget until the next December rolls around. But Christmas has had so many blessings!!

Okay, back to work--just sending hugs--sorry I missed the contest--you all had so much fun playing. Much love to you!!!!

ckdowns said...

Ohhhhh, and your knee!!!!!!! Okay, REST it. Rest, rest, rest. There's so much to be done over the holidays and I think we forget to take care of ourselves (says the woman who is limping around again after ignoring knee exercises for two weeks). I hope you get GOOD news and can do what you need to fix it FAST!! Isn't it frustrating??? Maybe we just need to book two weeks in a spa somewhere in Chicago or St. Louis (halfway between us, with good music and food) and then just meet for rest, good conversation and good books! I'm sure THAT would help your knee.


CarolynArtist said...

Susie using gesso is second nature for me however, it was weird to wrap my brain around painting it on cold metal! Make sure you have a goooooood tooth first (metal surface) More on my experience in an upcoming post!!!:)
Caroliiiiiine!!!!!! Okay, which knee? Left for me, oh what a pair we would make!!!!! I did rest for several hours this afternoon, it's hard to do it with grace. I trust you are
resting too !!!!!!!!????? I hope so. (slow down firecracker!!!)

ckdowns said...

Right knee for me--so we could lean on each other! Two days of knee exercises in a row now--BIG help--funny how that works!

:-) Sending hugs!

CarolynArtist said...

EEEEEEEEEEEp we could tie our legs together and use 2 crutches, glad exercise is helping you!!! Hope your getting sleep too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

Curious to see your thoughts on this technique. I tried it with a ring that I made and although the shading & coloring is beautiful- I could still scratch it. Perhaps a pendant or charm would have been a better choice for me. ;-) Can't wait to see your results!

CarolynArtist said...

Stacie...I'm learning about the drying time on metal vs. canvas with Gesso...and to use thinner layers...I'm not big on sprays and chemicals...so i tried some wax to cover the final piece, it does work, however I can see why the spray works best. What I find very cool is running water over your finished piece, it just rolls off and stays dry after sealing it!
Agree, I would not do this for a ring, but definitely for a cab, which could be sealed with a coating of clear resin, or metal art work...I'd like to try pastels too, though I'm happy with how easily the pencils are to navigate. (Always use them sideways I learned, if you use the point, it's easier to scratch into the layer of gesso...)