Friday, December 10, 2010

The Process

of creating a piece is sometimes so fulfilling it causes me to lose myself, and it's such a lovely feeling...

I started using (mostly) cold connections in my studio in an attempt to go eco-friendly, I gave away my soldering things and kept what  would get me through the winter. I still have all my lovely tools...I just couldn't put more chemicals through this old house. If I had a proper vent system, or a detached studio I would gladly continue soldering and using the other chemicals necessary for mainstream metalsmith work at home. (Soon our on-going classes will reopen in Alexandria and off I'll go to enjoy the big torches, mega air suck filters, and surround my weary bones with fellow artists!)

This means, I can stay warm and pretty lung-friendly here at home, no windows need to be open during my process of making items for you! :-) In fact, I gave away my LOS and opted for the old boiled egg trick for oxidizing metal. Here's a golf ball marker that's making its way to Canada as of yesterday...I sure hope it gets there by Christmas!

This was one of the funniest markers yet, you know this couple is very secure in their relationship when these words mean "I love you" (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing, I won't say her name) :-)

Steadily I'm working on this piece, and oh I am savoring all of the sweet moments with it. Every decision and turn and stage feels so freeing.

its taking me away from the looping madness of OCD. I love that my work has this ability...

I love my saw, my tube cutter, my flex shaft, my bits, my cold cold metal block i work on, my metalsmith bench, all of it...and oh the way the sun streams in the morning as I proceed with this piece...

I raise my coffee cup to you, and hope you are warm, your belly is full, and you have plenty of water.
  Hope to get some photos of our tree up soon!!!

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Willow Branch said...

I can't wait to see the finished piece!!! I love how you're adapting to being solderless. Also waiting to see your tree.