Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Pretty Photo Day for my New Pieces:::Finally Listed in my Etsy Shop

Green Turquoise (what a fat cab!) in fine and sterling silver bezel, with 18k Yellow Gold and Rose Gold...this gorgeous necklace is just that. It has a hand made clasp by Yours Truly, and some interesting elements to make this piece stand out when you wear it. (my makers mark is on the back of the pendant) The piece reminds me of the 1920s era jewelry in color and in style. (Festoons coming up, oh yes, this artist has been reading her jewelry history books) :-)

(I'll be listing these pieces tomorrow) I'm feeling so rushed with my house Frau chores, and to boot (pun intended) the back of my left knee area is pulled again. I wish you could see the way I'm walking around. I'm good for a hearty you don't mind I just wanted to finally get these pics up for you then list after I get some pressies (helping Santa out around the house) wrapped :-)

The sun is out, and a somewhat wise man suggested I used the reflection of the snow to capture some nice pics, did I pull it off?

Baby it's cold outside, and I found out where the butterflies are hanging out! They're climbing up my new necklace. Oh and don't hey just pop with color? They are so pretty, pressed glass, and the sterling silver domed disc was etched by Yours Truly, free-hand. It's a stylized frond. This piece will remind you about Spring, and Hope and all things that bloom and the darkest of days.
My makers mark and .925 are marked on the back of the pendant.

Here's a photo of my husband's family china I used out in the snow to capture these sweet pics. I often talk to my work as I'm photographing, do you?
Here I simply said
"Sit china, good china!"

just had to add this...can't wait to get the album


ckdowns said...

Yikes--these are lovely!!!! Great job--both on the jewelry designs AND the photography!

GOOD LUCK with your house chores!!!!! :-) AND your knee--ICE is your friend!!!

Sending GIANT hugs--sit down and rest a minute, would ya?????

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Caroliiiiiiiiiine!!! I was thinking popcorn for dinner might be nice(JK!), but decided on a huge glass of milk, I was craving it. Thanks! Glad you like, I love these.
I think my kneepit would love some cold, good suggestion :-)
I feel a give-away coming shop needs some rattling.
Enjoy all of your music, writing, more music, more writing etc!!! :-)