Monday, December 6, 2010

New Pieces

and my tree is UP...(still need to decorate it...but I do have a theme in mind...)

can't go wrong with one of these fun necklaces! (and it looks so sweet worn with your favorite little lone pearl necklace- I know because I tried it) this statement necklace has a 16" chain and one of my hand made sterling silver clasps. (the length can be altered...just convo me)

I did some metal reppouse work on the silver for these little sweets, they are also slightly convex.
The puffy leaves are so pretty, they have such wonderful colors, offset by a pretty dark pearl. Of course I've added my own ear wires made by me, and my makers mark (so pretty) and .925 are stamped on the back. The raised areas where I did my chasing work will stay silver and the surrounding area darken a bit over time, give you an authentic, old world look!

Pretty pretty drops of teardrop shaped luminescent Rosy colors lend a nice pop to the little dark dainty pearls I've added. The sterling silver sawed teardrop shape allows the eyes to flow up and down this gem of a set of earrings. The ear wires (made by me, of course) are very large and loopy, adding to the overall look.

These will be listed after I return from the gym...

Personal news:
Our dryer's heating coil broke...hubby took it out and showed me, all I could think was ~gee that coil is kind of cool, what could I make with it?~ my second thought of course was, oy, all those clothes in the washer will be hung all over the house, and my dark load was half dry from the's to cold, dry weather for fast indoor drying! (oh, to put on jeans that feel like cardboard, tee hee hee)

We also have our tree, and this year I finally talked the family into an artsy theme which i've always wished to do. That said, I'll be adding/entereing my pics onto Jillians Tree contest over at Plume Gables blog (aka TheNoisyPlume)...I believe she gets MANY to come!

Hubby started seeing the same trainer as me, I'm SO THRILLED! He had his first session and is quite sore, and happy. He just needs to get there by silly-0h-thirty in the mornings to work out, and have some more sessions wih Deuce (if you're reading this honey, you can DO IT! Johnny, not Deuce!)

A special birthday wish to Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, and to Candace, you guys are so lucky to have Turquoise be your birthstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would demand turquoise colored frosting, over a very vanilla cake, topped with little turquoise dyed Peeps! :D (with chocolate ice cream)


ckdowns said...

Turquoise colored frosting and Peeps!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your good wishes--I appreciate and treasure you more than you know--and thanks for the big smiles from your blog today--you sound busy and happy!!!!

Your new earrings just look like FUN!!! And I can't wait to see your tree--we're having trouble getting a tree this year, so I've got to figure out something else because we'll have company for Christmas. I'm looking for inspiration!!

Thanks again for the birthday shout-out. Big hugs back to you!!!!!

ckdowns said...

P.S. Candace, happy birthday to you, TOOOOOO!!!!!!!! December birthdays have their challenges, but I like celebrating during a month with snow and sparkle!! Hope your day is terrific!!

Willow Branch said...

Gorgeous new pieces & ones that will take you through each season. Gotta see the pics of your Christmas tree!!!


CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiine, what kind of cake did you have??? Are there pics? Was it blue? Did you have 2 slices or 1?

When's the best time to get pics of a white tree with all the colors of the rainbow on it? (with white lights?) And what camera setting should I use? Heyallp! Pam, I really love the tree this year, no watering, so far, no one has peed under it...(no tree skirt yet!)

My father-in-law saw it (as he was leaving, ha ha) Sunday night and said "Gee I haven't seen a tree like that in..." then he switched subjects, it wasn't decorated yet.

tee hee hee...zee arteests must exprhess zimzeelves zru zee TREE!

Willow Branch said...

No one has peed under the tree yet???? What are you waiting for??? How will anyone know it's yours????

Girl, take those photos like you're gonna list it on Etsy. I'd try a bunch of different camera settings. Maybe night sky, then the one with the pic of the fireworks. Oooops, dat's my camera.


CarolynArtist said...

teee heeeee Payam!!! A Tree skirt, a kitty pee proof tree skirt!!!!!