Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lovely Day at the Bench

This fell off a fresh bouquet of flowers over the weekend...isn't it amazing how tough it is for such a pretty, broken thing?(It bloomed in the water)

I've got a kinetic bracelet to list: Loopy Loop Bracelet in Circles and Hoops
She's circular, she has spinners of sterling silver balls, and she is so easy to put on and take off. She isn't bulky, but she's firm. I love her. (she's kinetic!)
Loops and loops to play with, and if you wear her with another piece, or near your watch you'll hear a little jingle. She's 8" from end to end and has a little fun tag with my makers mark and .935 stamped. :-)

I was busy mailing some orders that came in over the weekend THANK YOU sweet customers for supporting my Etsy shop! :-)


I'm back at the bench this evening to finish a few more pieces to add to the shop, here's a little sneak preview:

I've got the tunes going, leftovers from last night, water, a warm place with a wonderful family, who could ask for more? I hope everyone is safe and warm :-)

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