Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Madness Sale

hello! I'm offering a sale so you can save your money and enjoy some goodies from my shop :-)

It's been nice a toasty in my studio here at home, no open windows. the only time I need to wear my mask is when I use my flex shaft (for sanding metal and such).

The weather has been super cold and suddenly turned a bit rainy and a wee warmer this weekend. We're due for another cold snap though. No snow to speak of, yet.

 I wanted to share a photo of our White Christmas tree. I'm not sure what the best light/dark- time of day- is best to capture how pretty it is. When you walk in to the room, the colors really pop as they go from Purple up to Red near the top. My daughter and I were going  for a color spectrum look.

I'll try some pics later as well.

I'll be adding more goodies to the shop soon, everyday type of jewelry like layering necklaces and simple pearl drop earrings.

The sale is good thru the holidays and I am still offering free world wide shipping. (I cannot promise your item will arrive by Christmas for those of you in other countries). The cut off for Christmas time arrival in the U.S. is mighty soon.

Hubby promised to make me pumpkin pancakes, I can smell them already!!!

Hope everyone is filled with warmth and love!


susie said...

Beautiful tree, it just seems to glow and shimmer with color and light.

We had a silver tree with a color wheel when I was little (wish we would've hung onto it).

Wishing you a successful sale, hope lots of your pieces end up beneath trees this holiday season :)

Willow Branch said...

Such a beautiful tree!!


Nay said...

the tree is lovely!
Looks like candy. Yummmmmm

CarolynArtist said...

Oh happy fakewhiteChristmastree
you three :) I don't have to water it and so far there's no kitty pee on the skirt wheeeeee heeee!!!

CarolynArtist said...

thank you (as well, I meant to say thank you!!!)

I need to name my tree, any suggestions???