Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Kinetic New Year

Another Kinetic Spinner Necklace, so much fun to wear (if  you have one of these from my Etsy shop, you'll know what I mean) It's light, but it moves's cute, shiny, and sturdy...sometimes it even jingles a  little!!! :-) This one is made from brass, has a sterling silver spinner and has been shined up in my tumbler and is ready to rumble!

Below is a copper with Sterling Silver spinner necklace...I'll restock more of these soon!

a hint of things to come...

Happy New Year everyone!!!


thebearaffair said...

Beautiful!!! Did you receive a rolling mill for xmas or is the leaf PMC? Love them all. Happy New Year my friend and may 2011 bring you and yours much love and happiness!! Sal

Nay said...

Ok technical questions.
Did you make that leaf by roller printing it?
If so it is pretty cool. I am having some issues roller printing. In copper everything turns out well, when I go to do it in the same gauge silver it doesn't turn out as well. I don't get it.

I love the brass spinner necklace!

CarolynArtist said...

Hope to get one for home studio Saaaal. Happy New Year to you to dear!!!
Nay, I know exactly what you mean ...lots of annealing first and try it out on same gauge with pressure, it helps me...and yes I rolled it myseeeeelfy.
Ty about spinner necklace, makes me giggle to get to the flare.part

Nay said...

dried leaf or not yet dried leaf?

Yes I annealed the silver before hand and used the same gauge copper and silver. Don't know what happened. Pressure...must play with.

You should come over and we can play all day long with my rolling mill!


Maryann said...

Happy 2011 Care!

Things to come look very promising....xx

thebearaffair said...

I'm looking at one too:O) Been checking out the Rio catalog and they have a couple that are reasonable. Also I saw some on another site - I think it was Contenti has some. I just goggled rolling mill and came up with some good info. Good luck. Hugs, Sal

thebearaffair said...

Nay, which one do you have?

Nay said...

I have this one.