Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Afternoon Light

with new pieces does no justice...I'll be capturing these 3 beauties in the morning for you. (and listing them as well)

The greens, turquoise and etching are just so pretty. The 18k gold pops and so does the rose gold. Oh and all that silver....I want so badly to show you!!!

I took over a hundred digi photos and~ really, it's time to wait for that glorious morning light. (I'll be ready, here's a glimpse...) (any other smithers know this type of impatience???)

I had a fantastic work out with my trainer, he's such a good guy.
I still need to get to the shops to finish my Christmas shopping...right after my work-out I felt as if I had tons of energy, yet after the fizzle of my photos, I'm not to crazy about venturing back out into the cold and crowds...

what to do...

oh I some more Eggers...


Ooooo and just a quick nod to Jeannette Walls, it seems we've all read Glass Castle...I recently finished Half Broke Horses,
 her latest, and because this book is about (mostly) her grandmother, I re-read Glass Castle. What a treat!!!! Oh you writers!

this is what my hubby would look like if he were an Antelope, I call it


susie said...

Can't wait to get a better look at those pieces:) May they fly off your shelves.

Loved Glass Castles, haven't read her new one yet, off now to request it from the library. Have a good one.

ckdowns said...

Have "Half Broke Horses" on my stack to read soon--"The Glass Castle" was fascinating!!

Come on morning light!!!! I'm VERY intrigued by your teaser photo!!!! :-) Happy December day!!!! Are you snowy/rainy/icy???? Hope you have something warm to sip and something sweet and chocolaty to nibble while you read today!!!!

Nay said...

LOVE the Glass Castle. It is a fantastic book!

Can't wait to see your new creations tomorrow...photographed in the morning light. :)

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiine!!!! I knew you were busy, 'tis the season?! Hi Susie and Nay:) Snow and clouds kept this smither from getting photos of her new pieces ...hoping for sun in the morning . I did get to run errands...met some wonderful people at the book store. You never know what blessings the day will bring :)