Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studio in Alexandria I await Jodi's arrival to carpool.

I look forward to this...
fellow smithers know this as the dive for fallen metal!

I'll be texturing lots of sterling silver rolled metal today...I have sooooo much. There is a gorgeous piece I was working on over the weekend, it's green Jade and its luscious! I want to make a big fat ring for myself.

Yesterday I met Deuce, a personal trainer. He was very attentive and good. We worked lots of little muscles in my upper back, shoulders and chest. we also worked the core. If not for my time with him I would have simply done a half hour on the bike and lifted some weights. This is going to be a great physical strength training winter for me :-)

Saturday a dear friend, Linda will be stopping by to inherit much of my chemical area for smithing. Even my heat resistant lazy Susan and my third arm! What (you say) am I thinking? I'm thinking using a third arm in the well vented studio in Alexandria is much better for my overall health. I'm also thinking more space for a fainting couch, muwwhaahaha, and space for painting. I will keep my bench with my lovely dapping tools, hammers, files, flex-shaft, drill bits, etc...oh to cold connect!!!

This little ring a ding ding went  out yesterday...still hoping to empty my shelves in my AutumnLeavesJewelry site soon. (remember you can't be Ninja with this ring on!!!) *shake shake rattle and roll!*

 Angelica is making a custom sized order for a lovely lovely Laura of this piece for LuxeCoop

The day is young, and windy, my cat is staring out at the fallling and whirling leaves, I wonder if she'd like to go for a chase? I hope everyone has a fantastic day! :-)


Barbara Lewis said...

Carolyn, I know some of your feelings. I loved painting and still miss it ... I found the smell of turpentine to be a turn on! Have fun in your painting pursuits and you can always work with metal during respites from painting!

Nay said...

I'm wearing my petite spinner today. Spun it round and round at my lunch meeting.

That is all.