Monday, November 22, 2010

Still Here :-)

getting ready to head to physical therapy...which will be interesting considering I started working with an awesome trainer at my gym...and I wonder what (if any) more physical therapy I'll need?

I've been dapping (hammering) and using my flex shaft this morning to get a "real feel" of how my mornings are before my first session.

Saturday I had my 2nd session with my trainer, Deuce (gotta love that name!) and it was awesome. He's very attentive and makes sure my posture and moves are spot on. :-)

Sunday my dear friend Linda picked up a great starter smithing kit from my bench :-) I love my new space, I love that there are no more chemicals in my studio here at home. I love that someone else will benefit from what I started with...and I feel grateful that I can drive to a couple of studios for lessons and just to SMITH!

Am I still a little freaked about my change in pace? Hell yes!

etsy orders are keeping me busy (at a much slower pace than I am used to) Remember the good ol' days when not everyone knew about Etsy? (smithers in particular)

I'm stocking up on  items in my music fills the air...

wearing my Redskin jersey today in celebration of our teams win yesterday (a slim win!)

Making many pairs of these for holiday gifts, they do swing and feel wonderful on (I wear my pair almost every day!)

Later I hope to get my baking hat on and get a batch of cookies made...recipe to follow
(from my dear friend Caroline of the Prairie)
Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Cookies