Monday, November 15, 2010

Say What Pam?

are you suggesting I keep my Sitting Bull bracelet?

remember that old tune (from the time when curling irons became the rage?)
Curlers in her hair...
(something like that..I was too young*cough*)

Thank you sweet customers, items are leaving my shelves and heading off to happy homes.
My friend Jodi is on her way over for a smith date...but we'll be crocheting/sketching  instead (me thinks) :-)

I hope to be adding items to my AutumnLeavesHome shop soon, meanwhile LuxeCoop enjoyed a sale.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week.

I need to move the pumpkins from out front, the squirrels have eaten into half of one...


Willow Branch said...

Love the curlers!!! Girl, you are rockin the curlers with that hunk of silver wrapped around your wristlet. Now you can go anywhere.

My Grandma (old school Southern) may have walked to my Grandaddy's store (just next door)in her robe & curlers, but it was all good with a little lipstick (always red). When she was in the nursing home rehabbing from her broken shoulder & hip (from a line dancing mishap)I knew we had to leave a little tube of lipstick within her reach.


CarolynArtist said...

teeeeeeee heee, too funny! I think big velcro rollers are cool, we could bring them back Pam!
(I had to put make up on, just couldn't do the rollers without it)
My stepmom used to have little Avon samples of lipstickshe kept in her purse, times are hard when you're raising 4 kids!

ckdowns said...

BOTH of you are too funny!!!!! Care, that bracelet looks it was made for you!

Oh, yeah, it WAS.

Wear it and enjoy it--and I will treasure that quote in my heart!!

Thanks for this Monday morning smile!!

Nay said...

You should do an illustration of that photo! Too funny! Love the curlers! Haha! Glad you are keeping the bracelet. You deserve it!