Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkin Eaters

good to know our pumpkins are not going to waste
there are 2 of these buggers out front, but lookie at the little piece this guy has in his hands!
teee heehehehehe heee hee ee eeheeeeeeee eeeeeee


Willow Branch said...

He was ready for his close up. They are cute little rascals to be as sassy as they are. I have to keep the bird seed covered with something on top of the container because they'll flip the top off & jump in. They also fuss t me when I walk outside & disturb them. Maybe he'd like a little shaker of salt to go with his pumpkin. Maybe a nice lager or pale ale.


Nay said...

after Halloween we put our jack o lanterns out front for the javalinas to eat. The next day they were completely devoured!
Its nice to feed the wildlife!

ckdowns said...

This is ONE SMART squirrel--and a healthy eater, too!! Very kind of you to share with him. :-)

How'd the cookies turn out??? I baked some while our hunters were here, but sent most of them on the road with the guys. I think it's time to make MORE for Thanksgiving!!!!!

Sending much love--and thanks for the smile today, Care!!

CarolynArtist said...

ha ha Pam, boy these guys are loving some pumpkin! (ours are sassy too, I was about to let Bart out, saw these guys and kept rattling the door to warn them, of course Bart was itching to get out and chase...in the end they held their ground, eating and I kept Bart in) If the world ends as we know it, squirrels will prevail! :P
Nay, are those like little piggies? I used to hear about them but not sure If I've ever seen one.

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! Pics tomorrow...I was so busy with appts today, and stayed offline, and made a stew...tomorrow I bake pies, get cranberry recipes going (so J can have kitchen for the bird on Thursday) I'll have PICS
:-) You're so sweet to cook for the hunters OOGA!

Nay said...

they are ugly, blind little piggies with huge teeth and they will eat anything!
I will post a photo of one for you on FB!