Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday with 50% Off

All you have to do is enter BLACKFRIDAYSALE2010 in the space provided when checking out in my shop AutumnLeavesJewelry and your total will be automatically adjusted for you :-) Thank you and happy shopping!!! :-) (after sale I'll resume my custom sizing of various rings)

Flawed, but Not Broken
This gorgeous Turquoise ring with a 14k Gold Band has a teeny tiny little bitty flaw in its bezel, if you look to the lower left you'll see a little corner missing from one of the tiny "teeth" area of this otherwise flawless design. It's 50% off, and looks fantastic on!

yesterday we enjoyed a family gathering at our house...I decided to use my husband's  grandmother's old linen table cloth (hand embroidered) and some of my stash of vintage and new linens. Most of the dishes were a mix-match of his grandmothers china as well...and some of my old finds. I really enjoyed setting the two tables. I didn't get a photo of the table we served some of the food from, just the main table...

Hubby ordered a Kosher turkey, I believe it saved him from brining (is that a word?)

Angelica, our daughter, had to work but made it home in time for dinner. My SIL Rebecca and her 2 kids were over, as well has my FIL.

It was pretty awesome to see Becky playing Scrabble with her son Gray (the real game, not online)...

We also were able to chat (in between cooking) with Roo, my other SIL and 4 of her 5 kids via Skype. It was a hoot to see her pull out her turkey and show her ours, hands down hers was prettier! Cousins were able to catch up which (imho) is the luxury of technology.

No pics of my dad, who now resides in San Diego near my uncle and his wife. I did spy a photo of said aunt and uncle on FB, but no papa...grrrr...looks like they had a fine time out.

I hope everyone had someone to share the holiday with :-)

a pic of Cadence, who  took the pic above...


ckdowns said...

Another amazing sale, Care!!!!!!!!! and I see that Sitting Bull cuff bracelet is still listed...I thought YOU were claiming that??????

Your Thanksgiving looks MOST lovely, and full of love. I've got to figure out Skype--that would be a terrific way to touch base with people I love....

The long-promised convo is STILL're right, it's been busy....

Love from the prairie!

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiine, my sale was sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwww...but I'm glad someone special was able to grab a couple of items:-) !!!!!!
LOtS of Etsy shops are having big sales, there's so much to choose from.
Skype is so awesome. Its been a free feature for years, I have a feeling soon it will change to $$$
Hoping to add new earrings to the shop over the weekend, and some lariats!!!

HOW MUCH fUN is a lariat? Such options!

Our Thanksgiving was full of homey love, and good eats. Can't wait to hear about yours. (esp if you have guests as in HUNTERS at your homestead)
Love from the 'burbs of DC :-)