Monday, November 8, 2010


Yesterday I spent my time making this...I needed to get my kinetics on...she swings from her bale and has a baby feather who likes to move about...
time flew past as Norah Jones crooned from my computer speakers and the piece came alive.

(here's her back side-shouldn't a lady always have a pleasant backside?)

oh...she's got it all, a feather ready to move with you as you Fly.
Sterling silver, fine silver, turquoise (robbins egg blue) cabochon and gorgeous purple swirly Butterfly Jasper beads are the main components of this piece. (Prairie Friends from Caroline!)

She's 24" from top of clasp to bottom of feather. Her length allows for several ways to wear her.

The top of the piece has a gorgeous texture added by these hands. She's not prematurely oxidized, trust me, it will happen on its own.
My hands were so in tune with my jewelers saw yesterday...hubby was making a nice fat chicken in the crock pot. We had his pop over for a nice relaxed Sunday dinner last night. Our daughter, her  dad, and grandpa were whooping it  up over football. Our beloved Redskins weren't playing, but this never stops these die-hard fans from cheering on any team which, in loss or win will help the Redskins down the line.
Hubby was able to take in 9 holes of golf and I started a new book. (oh I am loving this memoir!!!)
This morning I walked into my studio to find Ms Scrappy

As we (she and I- mostly me) discussed the fact that she was in my chair at my bench, she did this...
it was hard to move her after this coy move! (she is such a sweetheart!)

Downstairs I found Diamond...

Hubby's at a conference all week in DC, I'm doing all in my power to summon up my energy to clean and organize my smithing studio...but it's a hard task...I'd rather sit and saw...

then again, there's always the gym
my book
the vacuum
or a nice walk...

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! (I have a feeling I'll be at my bench sawing soon)


susie said...

Just perfect, I love the movement of the piece and the way to the two feathers fit so perfectly together. I really hope some lucky lady snatches this one up - truly a special piece.

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Susie, :-) I've got more sketches, but have to do real-life things in between pieces!

jmiller398 said...

It is a really beautiful piece in person. Someone should buy it! Our cats our cuter in pictures then in person.

resolute twig said...

I love this new piece.
So lovely :)

Willow Branch said...

That is such a pretty, pretty piece. No way to argue with that kitty move. I'm going to stay at home & practice that move, but in a little more acceptable way for a human.