Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Trees

Right around October I start pondering the lineage of my roots. As the cool air snaps my memories forward my emotions seem to intensify. (i bet a lot of you can relate) The holidays near, our bones begin to endure the dropping temps and memories flit  around like so many falling leaves.

Annie Ehutch and Her Children, this piece is for you...
Feather Necklace in Copper and Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Yellow Jasper
Feather Necklace in Copper and Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Yellow Jasper

Lately my saw is taking me in a new direction. I'm letting  it free-form some feathers out of both silver and copper. (I've lifted and held my various gold metals and gently stashed them back away~remember all those spinners with gold I used to make and sell?) A sign of the times, or the need for simpler metals to play around with?

My back has mended and as I  gather more strength I find myself letting go of "expectations" I've laid  on these metal smith hands. My muse whispers and sleeps and my own head slumbers over to the side on a soft place.

a  little bit about my roots:
 ~~~Eyak is one of the indigenous tribes I hail from,  the other being Santee Sioux. I've been working on an art piece in lieu of a photo album in form of metal, resin, old photos and census records. Something to be passed down- in form of a 3D instant heirloom.  I'd love to show you what I've made so far-sometime...There were so many children born to  my great grandfather and his very young Eyak wife, Anna Ehutch. (My paternal  grandfather being one.) ~~~

This woman, we one of  those many siblings taking a swim in Lake Eyak, Alaska.  I absolutely love this photograph. Aside from the fact the lake appears to be cold, on the right you can spot part of an old canoe...which looks beautifully hand made. Oh and those trees of Alaska! My brother John and I went on a little trip with my grandfather when we were young. At the tender age of 9 I was struck by the foggy and clear beauty of the landscape all around.

again...this piece is inspired by Annie Ehutch one of the last Eyak, Alaskans, my great grandmother, and all of her children.
This necklace is made from Copper, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Yellow Jasper, and Blue Turquoise.
It's 22 inches in length from tip of the feather to the clasp. There are several ways to wear this piece.

Feather Earrings in Copper with Sterling Silver Ear Wires
ooooh and I do love to rivet!

I'm also going to start offering this fine stack of Poppy themed rings in Sterling Silver
(I wear my set almos daily!!!)
Poppy Stackers oh so Chunky!

This piece has been hearted and seen so many times, I wonder why it has no home yet? In the meanwhile, here's another shot of her :-)

...and you know me, what life without hanging with my Peeps? Tee hee hee

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday! :-)


Vita said...

Care, I absolutely love the story! And love the new jewellery!!! I'd say you're Muse is working overtime! xo

Janice said...

Lovely necklace! Enjoy your new is such a journey! :)

wildgirl said...

Love the feathers and the necklace and the family stories! It's good that your art provides the space and place to connect so deeply.

CarolynArtist said...

Sweeta Vita! xoxoxo
Janice, you bet! (journey)
wildgirl HI! sometimes we need to connect through art, even into the ethers of the past :)
thank you for your sweet comments on my art!

Gina said...

Care - I love the new necklace, beautiful! I am so thankful for you!

CarolynArtist said...

Hey sister-cuz! me too-for you :-)