Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Aussie Sisters,

here are your lovely Petite Spinner rings in Sterling Silver

thank you a million for this custom order! They'll be in the mail to you tomorrow (which is already tomorrow, how ironic!)

In other creative news I got into some old school sawing today, while listening to Norah Jones...
These will be listed tomorrow along with some bigger feathers (can you imagine bigger?) in the form of  a lariat...this artist also dove back into riveting (i love to rivet!)...and forming, oh and all of this is cold forged (no solder, no chemicals, just me at one bench-one station), music playing and hammering away. Am I sore? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes!

on a personal note:

Tomorrow I finally get to see the back doctor, after all this waiting, it may not seem long, but it felt so long of a wait between onset, xray, MRI and tomorrow~ some answers and solutions.
I cannot wait to find out how much physical therapy can help.

My brain is filled with questions like - am I sitting right? Should I really never fold my legs straight under myself (so I was instructed as a small child...to help with the clicking hips...partially dislocated at birth and discovered by my stepmother a few years later.) Should I stop doing my stupid human trick? (YES!) I will no longer be  able to perform my amazing feat (get it?) where I turn my legs backwards at the hips down to the feet.

I'm so giddy, I want to hear about the types of exercises to avoid, and the ones that will strengthen my back. I crave my time at the gym.

(polar opposite  of this giddyness I'm fearful for what my limitations may dictate to me for future metalsmithing)<---that's the Barney Fife in me...

I did sneak a peek at the CD I'm to hand over to my doctor tomorrow, a CD of my back. It's sort of cool to see into your own body. I think  I know what the diagnosis will be...and I think Google has given us way too much information for voyers like me who look for a lay-persons diagnosis.

So, there you have it, I've been laying low, resting and today I got my ya-ya's out by making (sawing) many copper feathers for you! :-)
for art
for life
for love
for that feeling you get when you are in the zone


Maryann said...

Hope your visit to the doctor results in many positive physio recommendations which will hopefully give your back added strength and mobility Care.

The new feather earrings look so lifelike! Just beautiful!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Maryann! Was up in the wee hours dealing with this, but it could be ten times worse. Thanks for your warm words of assurance (as always!!!)