Monday, October 25, 2010

Yesterday I Took A Walk...

...and it was so I went to Barnes & Noble for more books. I browsed and took in the smell of all that new paper- ahhhh that new-book smell! It was good to get out and move around again (walking gingerly because of recent back issues)...the day was so pleasant and the sky was blue. I stopped under a tree with brilliant yellow leaves and looked up through into the sky, can you imagine how it felt to bask in the glow of all that color?
It was a rejuvenating moment.
As I lugged my new books home it became apparent I wasn't quite ready for the walk just said, I'm seeing my back doc on Wed., and will opt for some physical therapy if its available to me. I don't want meds, I want to be up and going. This resting thing just isn't fun.

Meanwhile I've read all of the Tattoo Girl series, I'm sad the author passed away, but he left us with his 3 gifts.

Currently I'm reading this:
Koren Zailckas has 2 previous books which I've read and would recommend.

The view outside my bedroom  window today is magnificent. The leafy green trees look as if they have been dipped into various bowls of ink. Red, plumb, yellow, orange, and all the variation in between. This is my favorite season-Autumn.

Colors are swirling and flitting as if in dance- through the air and down to the ground as the wind blows through the trees. What a show!!!

I'm keeping my shops open, I refuse to give in completely to this back-business. I'm resting, all is good.

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