Friday, October 29, 2010

Stocking Shop with Sassy Petite Spinners::Update::

oh boy I'm so excited! My Sterling Silver Peach of a Dish was featured in todays Etsy email...if you saw it and convo'd me thank you (you know who you are!) :-) I'm in the 'Undiscovered Shops' as AutumnLeavesHome has yet to make its first this was thrilling to see mixed in with all the other goodies Etsy chose for this edition...

that's right, I'm filling her up with both Tomboy and Petite spinners for the holidays! (and if you don't see your size listed, just grab the custom size listing and I'll make one or more in your size) :-)

My back seems to be feeling better. I started anti-inflammatory meds, this is a first for me. I was able to hammer and drill yesterday, things are looking UP!

I have some green Jade I'll be working with this weekend, cannot wait to form a gorgeous ring around this stone!

The weather has finally turned a bit chilly. Time to gather ingredients for lots of slow cooker meals. And I have an awesome pumpkin cookie recipe I'll be whipping up soon!!!


Willow Branch said...

So glad your back is feeling a bit better. Yes, now it the time for the yummy slow cooker meals...the worse part os smelling it all day until it's cooked.


CarolynArtist said...

thanks Pam, hope you are well too! Yes, the smell always indicates to my tummy "it's ready!" when it's not! :-)