Monday, October 18, 2010

Somebody knocked Her Back Out




This is a first, a shocker and it's taken me from when it hit (Saturday night) till this evening to accept it, plan to call a specialist in the morning and rest.

My shop is on a lil vacation. I have 7 pair of earrings to make and send out and will get to them as I rest. I'm so so so sorry for the unexpected delay. I think sneaking in a well made pair here and there will be a nice change from laying in this quite boring and trapped-feeling position.

Anyone who has ever had back issues, I have a clue how you feel. Our symptoms may vary, for me it's like a baseball bat smacking in the middle of my back, electric shock shooting through to my left side to behind my left knee. I'm walking sort of like one of the female apes on Planet of the Apes (original version, I'm old school).

So...careful how you bend!!!!

(I love you sister Roo, you are the best RN and sister anyone could ask for!!!) I'm not freaking out anymore...just taking it easy...


Fanciful Expressions said...

Awww. Feel better, Carolyn. I have had back problems for quite a few years and it's no picnic.

susie said...

Take care of yourself - I've thrown my back out several times, and I know it's not any fun. Hope your back on your feet again soon.

thebearaffair said...

Poor baby - I hope you get better soon:O) Hugs, Sal

Barbara Lewis said...

Never knew I had a malformed facet in my lower back. The chiropractor couldn't believe I had two kids and it never flared up. He said it was the kind of thing where you bend over and can't get back up. I hurt my back trying to help pick up my 110 Lab who had been hit by a car. He recovered faster than I did. Run, don't walk, to the chiropractor or other specialist. I wasted a lot of time trying to nurse myself back to health.

Maryann said...

Oh Care,how awful! Do rest up and hopefully you'll be back in that studio in no time. xx

Andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon, Care!

Courtney said...

I am sorry about your back. Had back surgery 14 years ago and am looking at the same problem again.....take care, rest and be good to your self.

CarolynArtist said...

You guys are so incrediby sweet, I feel like we've come to know each other over time! I want to meet everyone! (Been fortunate to meet Sal in person!!!)
You just can't keep a determined smither down. I did hammer out my orders this morning, before the pain started up. ha! I have a call in to the docs and hoping this is all muscular, nothing disc related- if muscular I'm thinking rest, heat, Ibuprofen, maybe some PT and learning better habits with regards to lifting things. You guys who suffer with disc issues I feel for you (hubby had that and had surgery).
Is there an Etsy shop the specializes in putting a 40-something year old head on a 30 year old body?

chic beads by germaine said...

Sorry to hear about your back Care. I experience it too and it's no fun. Rest and take care, Care!

ckdowns said...

Okay, how about this??? Look at these next few days as a GREAT opportunity to READ.

I know it hurts. I know, I know, I know. But give your body what it needs right now. That's the best way to avoid making things worse.

(And I'm glad to hear you're proactive about the doctor visit--good for you!!!!)

Sending GENTLE hugs from the prairie, sweet Care!!

thebearaffair said...

Care, Is that a new hair cut in the three pix above the blog??? It is darling. Hope you are healing fast and the pkg went in the mail today;-)

CarolynArtist said...

you guys are all the bestest! I feel a little odd airing my painful back woes on my blog. I think its more commong than I'd imagined (back issues) Sorry you have exeperienced it too Germaine!
Yesterday I rested the whole day on the floor, oh man, with good back pillows for head and knees. Today, I'm cancelling my appt with the back doc. I just know they'll tell me to do what I'm doing- rest and heat and rest.
So, that said, I'm going to Alexandria with Jodi for my ongoing forever (i hope)smithing class...If I don't get out of this house and do something I'll probalby start to eat the sofa out of boredom!
Then I'll come home and rest Caroline!!! :-)(good advice) And Jodi is driving, and I'm not going to do anything too active.
Sal, old pics from way last Spring :-) they were the only grumpy ones I had on hand. :-)