Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Shop, have you seen it yet? (it's not my shop...)



CarolynArtist said...

a wee heavy on the lip gloss, spent quite a while removing it this morning! (couldn't help it i wanted to rock all the gold and burgandy I could!)

susie said...

OMG, you are too sweet- thank you so much!! Wishing you continued success and a wonderful week.

p.s. I may convert and become a Redskins fan, it's hard being a football fan in St. Louis;)

Courtney said...

Love her shop and love your burgundy and gold!!! Fun to see another skins fan so close. Do you teach at all?

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Susie glad you like! It's always fun to help out a new and talent filled shop!!! Can't wait to see your new items this week!
Courtney hi! Thank you for the birthday wish on the other post and WOOT 'SKINS! :-) I don't teach, but am always willing to answer what I know about a technique :-)