Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Weekend & Our Eyak Connections

Adding a photo of Anna Ehutch, our great grandmother from Eyak, Alaksa, full Eyak.

We enjoyed a really nice weekend with my cousin Gina, whom I will always think of as my little sister. There were 3 of us girl cousins growing up (myself, Gina and Marita). Gina and her son JC drove out from Illinois for a visit. The plan was to see the sites in DC and catch up, we spent almost the whole time catching up. It was so much fun looking through old photos. I pulled boxes out of they wayyyy back end of our large coat closet (which is what I believe resulted in a compromised back muscle). Good news is after  laying on the floor most of yesterday and sleeping with a heat pad I am on the mend. (for those of you who suffer from chronic back pain I feel for you...I don't want to ever go through this pain again!)

Our cousin Jo from LA was in town (DC) too with her husband. So we all met up at my house for a good home cooked meal Saturday night. We enjoyed thick yummy steaks, Johnny's  famous grilled garlic potatoes, and a salad.  The wine was flowing. We started to piece together some more of our Eyak ancestry. We teased out the meanings behind 2nd cousin and 3rd, 4th, etc. We still are curious about the "once removed" saying.

The three of us share the same set of great grandparents~ a Shepard from Back East, and a full Eyak woman who (sadly) died quite young. Gina (middle of pic) and I are first cousins with lots of fond memories of our extended family. Jo, on right, is from L.A. and this is the first time the 3 of us met. If you follow my blog you may have read about our Santee Sioux heritage as well, that was Grandma's side of our family.

I was so happy JC came along with Gina, he is such a cool 17 year old! He and hubby really hit it off with their car talk. And car vids...and errands (probably to get away from the women-folk talking about all this Shepard ancestry!) I think JC saw more of the local (very local) sites of Reston than Gina. We'd planned to do the fun tour of some DC monuments but reminisced instead. (next time we need a longer visit!)

Johnny and JC watching car vids...or noisy car engine know...all I can say for sure is both Gina and Earl have done an outstanding job of raising this "kid" as he's referred to.

Gina and Care

These are but a few of the many boxes which I improperly lifted to basically throw my back into a painful tizzy...
My friend Caroline's herb medicine ball came in handy, as did advice from hubby (who has soldiered through back pain and surgery a few years back- oh his sage advice!) and some heat pads. I'm feeling like sawing today!

Last night I was sketching some designs, with kinetic qualities for some new pieces.

There is nothing like completely stepping away from the studio for a few days to rejuvenate and welcome the muse once again!

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