Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank You Sweet Customers

and Friends!

AutumnLeavesJewelry experienced a lovely sale weekend, and here's to everyone enjoying a fun long weekend! Ours was filled with amazing weather! (low humidity)

Yellow school buses will alter my routes a bit, it'll be sweet to see the kids out again. Reminder for all of us to slow down and stop for those buses!

Over the weekend I was able to weed the front. Yesterday I planted mums and (oh I knew I'd forget the name of the other plant...) another colorful group. The latter has soft lambs ears type leaves and boingy flowers. (perennials) I chose the colors of our beloved DC Football team, The Redskins. Our team needs all the help it can get!!!

We also hosted a fun bbq for family and pulled out the karaoke machine. Having hubby's family over made me realize how precious our connections are to each other. (My nieces and nephews  are growing so fast...) And I missed my father and the rest of my family who all live out West. (Dad moved to San Diego a couple of months ago) My Aunt Jill will be in DC for a meeting soon which will give me a chance to visit with her for a meal :-)

Today I'll be packaging orders to mail out (thank you thank you again!!!)

This is Bert, Johnny's pop, he's 85 years young, he's recently retired as a lawyer in DC. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and one can still detect the accent in his voice. We got him singing some Sinatra songs. He didn't realize his granddaughter, Cadence, was taping him, I hope you enjoy.



Willow Branch said...

Aaawww so sweet!!!! It sounds like y'all had fun...I'm sure you did miss your Daddy. You've had him nearby for a while..now he's way far away.



Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

Glad your sale was successful. Love the singing by your Johnny's pop...that's so great!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Glad your sale went well. Your hubby's
dad looks like a charmer.

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Pam! yes, it's weird to be the last of my little nuclear family left on the East Coast, but i LOVE it here! :-) Hey Sandi, thanks, and isn't it a sweet rendition? Hi Carolyn, he is a charmer :-)