Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Half Off Sale on Every Item Ready to Ship

Let's have some fun...every single item will be listed at the regular price, I will reimburse you via paypal when the order is complete.

My Made To Order Items remain at FULL price until Tuesday. (Scrappy approves!!!)

I need to add more goodies to my shop, so, here's a chance to celebrate Labor Day, have some iced tea and add to your collection of AutumnLeavesJewelry.


ckdowns said...

You and Scrappy have GOOD IDEAS!

Are you getting rained out by Earl, or is he farther out to sea???? I've been thinking about that today!!!!

Love the color you're sprinkling in the shop--AND the new "Heart" ring--I was wearing my e.e. cummings heart brooch last week and a woman here just raved over it--surprised me, knowing her--I didn't realize she'd be touched so deeply by that sentiment--poetry and silver build bridges between people, I guess. But you already knew that....

Sending big buggy hugs from the prairie--we have cool nights (40s), and all the flies and mosquitoes are making their last stand!!

Now, I'm off to shop...

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Hi! Scrappy says "thank you!" I say thank you! Earl has weakened, so they say, but if I were on a tiny island near the shore of NC (OBX) I would have high tailed it out too. I think we're in for a decent weekend! Skeeters really like me and I have no idea why, ooooh they make me itch after they do their thing! So very cool about the ee cummings piece from before, bridges are good!


Nay said...

I snatched up those cute hoops!