Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

I have new kinetic pieces to list, and will do so as soon as the sun pops out for me to capture pretty photographs.

...thought I'd show you what I've been up to this past weekend (aside from my give-away) and those of you who are awaiting your pressies, they are finished as of this morning :-)

Oktoberfest in zee neighborhood, we did our part and made a huge vat of mac-n-cheese, loaded with real milk, butter, minced onion...

I taught hubby (who is an amazing cook, which I am not) the challenging nuances of making a real cheese sauce)

We tried to stick to Grannie Annie's old recipe as best we could (definitely not on the South Beach diet)

Soon, it was time to celebrate! :D (very early shin dig, 5-8) Afterwards we invited neighbors over to sit out on our back deck for a final fun time before Fall really kicks in. I did not get to smoke my cigar this year :-(

Monday I saw my ENT Dr. and was overjoyed that my brain scan was clean. It's just Meniere's!!! I had a lot of anticipatory anxiety. Yes I realize how much I'm downplaying the ugliness of this disease at this very moment, but I can't lay down every time I get dizzy...and I'm quickly learning to accept that this is how it's going to be, deafness in left ear, tinnitus, dizzy spells, nausea and times of exhaustion. When it's not present I will live large! :-)
I made some bread after dusting off our pretty ancient bread machine. I think it looks like a character from a sci fi movie

Finished, and topless

I dug in and it was so wonderful! Just as I sliced the top off my daughter Angelica walked in from work to enjoy a slice too :-)
If you would like this recipe for your machine let me know I'll post it. It's herb bread, and it all starts with sauteed onions in butter, oh man did my house smell good!

Wednesday I carpooled with my wonderful smithing buddy and good friend Jodi to our ongoing class in Alexandria. My hair is growing- I'm documenting it over the year in  pics in the torch area.  (...and no I never look away from a piece I'm soldering in real life!)

...and my work station at the end of the day on looks awful, but I have some pretty new pieces to list soon. Oh, and when my area gets filled up as shown, I simply move to a tree stump or huge anvil to hammer :D

Next blog update will have new pieces for my shop - for you! :-)


ckdowns said...

I love the way you love life!!!!!

And WHAT could be better than mac-and-cheese??????? Ever?????? (Except chocolate, but that's in its own category)

SO GLAD the MRI was clear--woo-hooooooooooo!!!! Sending big old hugs from our SUNNY state to your stormy one today--be safe and DRY!!

p.s. Your new hoops are SO much fun to wear--I like them more and more each time I put them in--that swingy, shiny action!! Can't wait to see the new pieces....

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiine, I ran into a friend tonight who bought the same earrings and I just wanted to reach out and touch them :-) I'm glad I didn't wear my pair, I'm so thrilled you love them too. They are substantial, yet light! And yes it is still a rainy day...
Tomorrow I promise to get pics of my new pieces, I did test drive the new necklace this eve, it did very well :D (new poppy rings on the way too)
Sending hugs out to you in the wide open prairie!

thebearaffair said...

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-mac and cheese is my fav. I had the greatest grilled cheese sandwich yesterday too:O) Glad the reports came back clean. I have your same problem and it might not pop up for years then out of the blue - bang!!! Drives me nuts. You have my address - right??(for the surprise give a way gift) Lucky winner of the ring for sure...Have a good weekend and hugs to ya.....Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Sal, can you convo, or send me your addy on FB in a private message? You travel so much I have no idea where you are!!! :O) You have Meniere's too? I would love to go years without an attack, it could happen, gives me hope!!!