Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tomboy Spinners Galore

Lil Edit~
Just took down both old azaleas out front, and weeded. I giggled every time I saw a cicada carcass because they are sure making a lot of noise here. Those ee cummings words kept springing to mind -'...the bud of the bud...'- as I dead headed some old flowers and I kept a grin because I was thinking of my friend Caroline who lives in the prairie and writes and drives. Going to try to get a decent pic of our Hibiscus plant because I *think* all 3 colored flowers/plants are in bloom...

Yesterday I was busy hammering and hammering and sanding and filing and sizing and (possibly driving my neighbors nuts).
I'm revisiting my first love in jewelry smithing, making kinetic pieces, specifically spinner rings.

These are my Tomboys. They are light, and have the most awesome beaded band that spins and spins. Those  of you smithers who work with the beaded wire understand how finicky it can be. I seem to have become one with this wire (wax on wax off)

It's Saturday morning, the breeze is amazing out back on the deck.  Cicadas are buzzing and the cats are lazing. Hubby made us coffee and life is wonderful.

I'll list these in the shop a little later today. I need to eat a late breakfast and get to work on my front garden. These will be ready to ship, I need to check all the sizes first.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you find a Tomboy Spinner just for you!

Happy Saturday!!!

Sizes Available in my shop:

Size 10

Size 9 3/4

Size 9 1/4

Size 6 1/2

Size 5 1/2

Size 6

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