Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shop Updates :-)

I can hear and feel fall in the air! (Okay maybe it's just a rainy dark day thing) The temps are in the 70s today. We had lots of heavy rains causing a bit of havoc in the DC Metro Area. The cicadas are making their noises too! I've got windows open airing out the house.  The AC is off. It has me yearning to knit and felt items.

How about you? What reminds you of the lure of Fall/Autumn?

(oh man do I realize it's going to get HOT in this area again, today I celebrate Fall) :)

I'll be listing felted items I've made in our Mother/Daughter shop soon.

here's her back side :-)

Am bringing these Pretties back to AutumnLeavesJewelry shop as well....

here they are!!!
Etsy Listing for SSK K2TOG Earrrings

I am SO excited about bringing back yarn, softer pieces and the knit and purl earrings back!

also a reminder that all of our current items on LuxeCoop are 50% discounted!


Maryann said...

Care, that gorgeous bag definately has an autumnal feel about it.
I love the changing of the seasons.When Autumn approaches, I notice a definate 'crispness' in the air and the fierce heat of the sun no longer burns as strongly.
As we eagerly await for Springtime over here, the days are getting longer and beautiful blossom is flowering everywhere. Just love all the magnolias opening up. Not to mention the immense variety of camellias!
It's still very cold though!!

Willow Branch said...

I love the bag. Front side & back side.


CarolynArtist said...

Maryann I bet you are happy to greet Spring soon!!! I hope it lasts a while until you get the hot weather :-)
Pam, thank you, will be making more of these. I have so many little bitty one's I've made and love to give them as gifts.