Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Next Dog-Day Summer Give Away before my shop gets busy for the holidays...guess as many times as you want, one post per guess pleasey

See video and get the clues, answer and win the prize. My butane is being tracked, there are no classes in Alexandria until the end of September and I'm going nuts, so in my nutty state I offer you this to win! :-)

Nay is zee vinner of zeee spinner! Thank you guys for playing along, and those of you who watched for fun, thank you too! :-)
Here's what was up my sleeve:

i took this years ago with my old old manual camera and even did the old school photograph developing myself.


Nay said...

Wow. You went a little nuts there at the end.
I am going to guess that you have another pair of fingerless glove thingies on under that pair.

I don't know...that is the only thing I could think of...no coffee yet...

CheekyLemur said...

Hi there, you mad thing!!
I think you are hiding your Silver Bracelet in Poem with Flowers under your sleeves.....nice sleeves btw

Vita said...

hahah you're too funny Care!!
I would say you have a watch on your wrist under there! :)

LOVE those fingerless gloves though!!! They would be perfect for wintertime in my freezing office! ;o)

CarolynArtist said...

Nay, Julia and Sweeta Vita, not guessed it yet, but it's tucked into the inside of my right sleeve, which is on the left in the vid. Maybe you could pause there and look. It's small...wrist watch was a good answer, but it's nothing attached to me
in fact
a shelf

Maryann said...

A photo!
Well that's my guess.

You're unreal Care!!!

thebearaffair said...

Your hands??????

Nay said...

A little picture frame.
Or an MP3 Player?? You were dancing and playing Gwen!
Or a box to wrap your items in.
Or a memory card reader.
(looks around office for more ideas)
or a mouse for a computer.
or a tiny digital camera
or a small enough object that sits on a shelf that is small enough to fit in your fingerless glove that you made yesterday that was your other give away quiz.

I am running out of ideas here...

or a ghost figurine (do other people have those on their shelves?)
or a mini scented candle.
or a cat toy.
or a really small cat.

Do I get disqualified for guessing too much?

Or a mini sketchbook like the one I keep in my purse.
Or a Wheres George dollar bill.

(My god I need to clean my desk!)

Or a mini stapler.
Or an eraser.

Ok I am done. Too tired.

Can't wait to see what it is. You should do a Vlog with you taking it out of your fingerless glove! That would be funny!

Ok now I am really done!

Nay said...

Wait one more...

The index cards you used to write everything down on.

Ok now I am really done!

ckdowns said...

You are too, too, TOO funny, and it's great to see all the index cards--what a hoot!!!!

What oh what could be up your sleeve??? I'll say one of the pieces of turquoise you love so much!!!!!!

Big hugs from the prairie....

ckdowns said...

Recycling your comment cards...teeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee!!!

Stormy said...

is it something you made, or something random you shoved in there?

my guess would be a little dish/box you made.

~ Stormy

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiine I almost did that but i wanted to make it harder. Sal you are soooo funny! Nay, my gosh, you are the energizer bunny!!! *waves to Maryann and Stormy*

Huge Hint, 2 of you have guessed it but we need to put the 2 together and make it 1 object, and then tell me WHO

Maryann said...

Try again....a photo of one of your furry friends in a photo frame.

Here's hoping.....!

CarolynArtist said...

close! we need the Who narrowed down, the who is not furry, last time I checked :-)

Nay said...

A picture frame with your daughter...not your husband...because sometimes husbands are hairy...

OR a picture frame with a photo of your grandmother because you love her so much!

OR a picture of Gwen because you were playing her music.

Ok. I am done. I am so exhausted from guessing!

CarolynArtist said...

omg Nay...:P YES a photo of my daughter in a little mini frame. (I have no photos of Gwen, it would be too creepy...) YOU WON! I'm mailing it today! :-D Need your addy again...

Nay said...



I'll send you my addy in a FB message!

thebearaffair said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Here's the address for the store where I purchase my Blazer butane: