Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello, just some fun bits & pieces from my world over here.
1st, it's cloudy and cool out, this after a string of 90-something days, is welcome!
2nd, my butterfly bushes (both in the back and front of the house) are hosting many many butterflies. It's been such a joy to watch them flit around.
3rd, I really believe live music can sooth your weary soul. We were fortunate to get last minute tix for the band, Train, last night. We were in row 3, yes 3rd row from stage. This was new to us. We felt a bit spoiled, but soon that passed and we enjoyed the show. If you've never seen Train, or heard of them check them out. Their lead singer Pat Monahan is incredibly talented and giving soul. He thanked everyone who was sitting out in the grass, and in the rain awaiting the sold out show. He did this verbally and he also took from the stage and ran around the perimeter of Wolf Trap stopping to see fans. He pulled kids up and they were flanked with Trainette t-shirts and got them to sing and be goofy. (Like I said he's a giving man...) He acknowledged the military families who are without loved ones and did not get political. Such a rare treat! It was all about the music, coming together and enjoying every note!

LuxeCoop enjoyed another sale that we are so happy and proud of. This piece was shipped to Canada yesterday :-)

It was nice to see some sized spinner rings sell, and I did go ahead and take a custom-size spinner ring order. A dear friend said the Fern Necklace spoke to her and that flew out of the shop.

Yesterday evening i saw a buck in our neighborhood (rare), and later while waiting for hubby to come back to the car from his quick eye exam I took some moments before the rain hit and stared up at the leaves, they were fern-like. The sky was so pretty.

Here's to a wonderful day for everyone! :-)

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