Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Piece

I started and finished this lovely piece yesterday...I kept it away from the liver of sulfur as it lent itself to a very high silver shine. The beauty of the turquoise cabochon really stand out on its own.

Will be listing this in my Etsy shop soon...

Box of Sky Turquoise and Silver Ring
Etsy Listing for Box of Sky Turquoise and Silver Ring

There were some custom pieces to make, and as always I like to add color  if I'm making a spinner and some  other silver goodies. I also love to push myself and make more of an item in varying sizes so they will be available in the shop. (more Tomboy Spinners to be added soon)

I thought it would be cool to show you my process throughout the day in the life of a smither...hold not ready, still drinking coffee :-)


Jodi Flood said...

Love that square setting and what a gorgeous stone!

Jodi Flood said...
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Willow Branch said...

Fun!!! A day in the life. I just blogged about a random day in Durham. I really haven't been smithing much at all lately. My muse hauled arse somewhere & won't return my calls. She's a bit of a flighty soul, so I'll just have to wait for her to come home.

Love the square setting. Those are so hard for me sometimes.


CarolynArtist said...

Jodi, thank you!!! The ring is not my size, good thing, hope you're super duper relaxed and having great weather!!! :-)

Pam, what can I do to help? (I know our muses are so private on so many levels) but if there's some sort of ritual you'd like me to perform I would. Do you want me to twist an apple stem for you and tell you what number it breaks at? (nto sure what happens after...)

I was going to post pics of a day in the life of a smither, so maybe I'll do that today.

Jay said...

Nice ring...the beauty of the turquoise cabochon really stand out. I hope to see more new piece of jewelry.
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