Friday, August 27, 2010

Joy joy JOY

While reading 'The Year of the Flood' by Margaret Atwood, he came home after a long commute from work and walked into the quiet room to hand me a bouquet of flowers. (I loved him more than ever.) These flowers were purchased from an old man sitting outside a subway station in D.C. Wrapped in 'The  Onion' freebie newspaper. Why flowers? For no reason but to spread joy.

...i still picture him with his eyebrows raised and arm stretched out to me...
i wanted to keep them in the wrapped newspaper but they were thirsty...

Sometimes there is so much joy

Wednesday was fruitful in the studio
these are covered in flux ready for the heat and solder, what joyous music they make!

3 levels of solder always on hand for various stages of heat

always give your metal pieces a neutralizing scrub and bath in baking soda after they are removed from the heated pickle solution

safety for the eyes and lungs

some spinner rings went out and I also started and finished this piece Wednesday

Just a  few minutes ago I saw Scrappy marking this old piece of mosaic table Johnny's grandma made

Iced coffee in the afternoon really makes me zoom

yesterday the little girl who lives next door was privy to a bouquet of flowers from my butterfly bush. This bush was sorely in need of pruning. The little girl likes to put things in my mailbox, little drawings and notes. Her mother told me she enjoys the butterflies out back, so much so they went to the library to get a book about butterflies.
The bouquet of purple flowers I handed her were in some old venti sized plastic recyclable coffee cups, as I handed them to her  I suggested if she puts this bouquet out on her deck, she might see her very own butterflies.


I hope you are having this feeling!

...i'm spreading mine to you...


thebearaffair said...

Care, great blog and wonderful pics...I am going nuts trying to figure out how some of you get info so show up in your facebook bade under status. Do you know what setting I need to click to get this to happen on mine?

thebearaffair said...

Sorry about the spelling:O) I'm referring to the FB badge on your blog.

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Sal, top left corner of your blog should be a share link, click it and you should find FB. Is that what you mean? Oh doh, FB badge ON blog, you can use my link, it's blue, it says Create Your Badge underneath...go to that site, it's probably a widget to be inserted into your HTML body, or just added to your side bar as a widget!

thebearaffair said...

I'll ck it out, thanks.

Willow Branch said...

You've been a busy, busy girl!!! I love to see the day in a life. I've always just made a baking soda solution with water & dropped the pieces into the solution. It's fun because it fizzes.

You & your hubby seem to have such a great relationship. Obviously you love each other, but you actually like each other too.


CarolynArtist said...

Paaaaaaaaaaaaayam!!! hi!!! What have you been up to anyway? I miss you. I would say yes we do have a nice relationship. I do like him but sometimes he's stinky (after golf) and other times he's just too darned cute for words!