Friday, August 20, 2010

Fern Leaf Necklace

Fern leaves remind me of shades in a window carrying the sun and shadow in at the beginning or end of the day. (you know when your blind slats are slightly open and the shadows come in and dance along your wall?) Oh those calming walks out of the burbs and into the woods where the green  leaves take over and quiet the mind...Sometimes I don't have access to such a place, so I ink it into my art journal and create an ink garden (I do this often). When I was a girl I used to seek out the woods and creek near our home (we moved a lot) and within that secret area there were so many abundant surprises to find.

Here's a free-form stylized Fern in Silver  Necklace with a gorgeous little Turquoise Cabochon set into the middle to represent sky. The necklace is 21" in length and holds pretty Yellow Jasper beads (guess what? Fall is on its way!)

...and this artist is ready to play with Autumn colors!

We had intense rain falls in our area the other day. This boy, Bart, was out alllll night. The next day (yesterday) I snapped this photo in the morning when he crawled home. He slept here most of the day.


Maryann said...

Very pretty pendant/necklace Care.I can see it being very versatile to wear.

Our beautiful pussycat, Snowy,did something similar last week after a night of heavy rain.Next morning when he rushed inside to greet me with his 'wetness',I was left following a trail of muddy paw prints from the back door to his food bowl in the laundry!

CarolynArtist said...

LOL Maryann, aren't they so precious?! When Bart comes in after a whole night out in the rain he mews and mews at me, as if he's telling all his woes! :-)

Willow Branch said...

Really lovely pendant. I'm loving the etching. lol Bart out of the town all night. He missed curfew & was trying to make excuses when he came home. "See, what had happened was...."


Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

I love this necklace...I want to learn to etch!

CarolynArtist said...

LOL Pam, that's exactly what he was saying.
Sandi, it's easy, just need to be super cautious with the chemicals :-)