Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Etch~ Revisit

I shared a lovely, super productive day with my fellow smithing friend Jodi yesterday. The temps were soaring and we spent our time equally divided with work, food, and more food! (Jodi has a newly installed vent system in her studio, so we were breathing easier...I love her studio)

On our minds:
Using a different method than PNP paper. It was wonderful to free draw onto our pieces using Deco pens. The rest of the process is the same. (and I can't stress enough the safety of doing this in a very ventilated environment, using gloves and neutralizing your pieces with a bath of baking soda and water!)

Keep your liquid moving- carefully

Sketching your designs ahead is a great idea

...and Jodi's turned out fantastic too, I'll be working with these today...there's something so amazingly rewarding about turning your ink doodles into pretty base pieces of metal. We discussed the endless options for using etching as a layer for building pieces of metal  work.

Later....lunch! Jodi had a proper sandwich, I opted for her amazing brownies, her recipe can be found on her blog (The Magpie's Treasure) here
...warning, these brownies will wake you up and cause you to do some sort of exercise later in the day (water aerobics for this girl)

Here's my piece, and LOOKIE at that zucchini! (and those tomatoes!) Fresh from her garden...

Before I left Jodi treated me to a bag of fresh tomatoes and fresh basil from her garden, and last night we had a wonderful meal (i even cooked and boy was hubby surprised and happy)

tee hee the Mini and the Tomato

Picking basil

Finally, I had to play with Benjamin Linus from Lost, the bobble head, omg he looked just like him, it was fun to knock him around


SamIAm said...

Isn't etching fun! (Other than the summer heat.) I do mine out in the garage - with ventilation of course:)
I have to admit that I prefer etching sterling silver. I did my first copper etching last week, and it takes quite a bit longer for the etching process than silver. (Plus I have to say that I am partial to silver!)

BTW - love the Benjamin Linus bobble head!

CarolynArtist said...

Yes it is Samantha! (HI!) I wasn't thrilled with PNP and the iron...but this is so much more fun. Maybe because it's so free-form? (someday I'll learn to work with copper) Oh that Ben Linus! Jodi had him on a shelf and I was laughing so hard. When you bobble his head he looks like he's being condescending telling Locke something...mean...

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

OMG- I LOVE that bobblehead! And quite frankly- I'm diggin' the etching & the brownies too. ;-)

CarolynArtist said...

HI Stacie! I think given the chance I would have flicked that bobble head for a while...if only it had the sarcastic voice to go with it!!! She and her hubby were very into Lost, which is how I stumbled upon it (and my daughter was a fan of the show)