Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Pair of Plain Jane Earrings

Hello beautiful people~

the first pair sold, I have one last pair with this sweet and unusual pattern (rolled onto the silver) left
I've got more in the works, ready to finish, with a varied pattern...

Grateful these have found a home, sweet home! :-)
(more variations of this theme to come...I love you Grandma)

Ladies I need garden advice! I would like to rip out just about everything I've planted out front and have an even ground cover/ivy on both sides of my front. (this is how the front looked when we bought the house, well...almost) I'm curious about what can be moved to the back.
I'd love to save and move the butterfly bush and some bulbs that have been planted, just wondering if anyone knows when is the best time they can be moved.
Then I plan to have easy to care for container plants out front which will add a pop of color.
Note: The front of our house is always full sun, and this girl is not nearly as attentive as she could be with her plantings.
...and, I admit I have planted so many things without thinking so much of height and color balance, etc.
The back of our house has a nice wide deck with afternoon sun and lots of shady spots. Easier for me to handle caring for.
Does this make sense?

I hope everyone is happy and well.
This cup is for you

I've been up nights reading this biography, which is both freaking me out a bit and making me want to read more.


susie said...

I would wait until it cools off a bit to move them (either when they stop blooming or early fall). My mom moved a fairly large butterfly bush last fall, and we weren't sure if it would make it (it pretty much looked dead this spring), but it rebounded nicely.

Love the new pieces, especially those feathers. Will definitely check out the Dali book. Have a good one.

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Susie, I'm ready to take down 2 old oddly placed Azaleas, they got hit so hard last snow storm (and I pounced on them twice, doh, not good) so...I just want to dig them up and remove for good.