Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We miss you Puddles

Puddles (Puddles Champ Miller) 1990-2010

We lost a great companion today. Puddles..., the cat, lived an adventure filled 20 years with us and anyone who had the great pleasure to meet this furry guy knew he was an integral part of life in our home.

Carolyn recalls that upon meeting little kitten Puddles for the first time Marty said “this cat’s going to have a long life”. This was so because Puddles was one cool, relaxed cat. He could get fierce when the situation called for toughness, but most of the time his heart beat and breathing were slow and calm.

He dragged himself home one rainy night many years ago after a run in (we assume) with a car. A broken hip and he survived. In his younger years he wore a collar with our phone number attached. Twice we received that call. Once he followed a woman into the elevator and up to her third floor office. Another time from a guy who was roller-blading in an office park and Puddles decided to hop in his car and ride home with the guy.

He used to wander next door and watch soap operas with our neighbor’s mother when she would visit. He scared the dickens out of that same neighbor once when the gentleman awoke from a mid-afternoon nap to find the Pudster on his pillow snuggled up to his head.

Angelica has known him since she was 8 years old and some of her friends carried him over to her. They had found him in a school playground. We posted notices in the area of the school and never received a call and so it was meant to be that he would join our family.

2 ½ years ago the vet told us he may only have 3 to 6 months to live due to his failing kidneys. He has endured with great dignity the every other day subcutaneous fluid injections administered by Carolyn. In the end his old body was just not holding up and he had recently developed some breathing issues. While enjoying one of his famous full belly rubs we said goodbye.

We miss you Puddles

By: Jonathan Miller (via FaceBook)


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Oh, Care & family, so sorry to hear about Puddles, I know he was a special special addition to your family. Pets enrich our lives don't they ? They make us better, and inspire us with their charisma and courage.
big hugs to your famoly,

sassyglassdesigns said...

I am so sorry for your loss...our pets really do become one of the family and it's so hard to lose one. Sounds like he was quite the character and had a long wonderful life with his family...hugs! Sandi

ckdowns said...

What a heartfelt tribute to a beloved member of the family--Puddles was one lucky kitty to find his way into your lives, and then stay there for 20 years!!!! I have a feeling from those stories that the blessings were mutual. I'm sending huge hugs today--you must miss him deeply, but the love you offered him (and that he returned) made the world a brighter place.


Jodi Flood said...

Carolyn & Jonathan & Angelica,
I'm so sorry about Puddles. You guys were really good with him--making him comfortable in his old age. It was a good, good life he lived. I'm sad for you tonight...

Maryann said...

You'll all miss him dearly but try and recall all the wonderful happiness and special times you shared with the one and only Puddles.

In my thoughts today especially. xx

Fanciful Expressions said...

I'm so sad to hear about Puddles. Sounds like he had a great life with you. Remember all the good times you had with him. Your family will be in my prayers

CarolynArtist said...

Hugs all of you beautiful souls for taking time to write down and share your thoughts and feelings. It's good to read about remembering the good times with Puddles, I'd rather recall those. We all love our pets so so much, and its true they give and give and inspire and the gifts seem endless...*hugs*

Nay said...

I am so sorry to hear about Puddles. I am sure he is frolicking in Kitty Cat Heaven!


KKreates said...

I'm so sorry! (hugs)

thebearaffair said...

Care, JM and Angelica, I am so sorry to hear about Puddles. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out and I only met him one time!!! Pets are family where I come from and when they leave us, there is a huge void. Fortunately, we have all of the wonderful pictures and memories to make us smile and remember the good times. My heart goes out to you but I know Puddles is finally free to roam kittie heaven and enjoy his just rewards. Love, Sal

novadesigns said...

Oh Care. I am so sorry for your loss.
I'm thinking of you and your family.

CarolynArtist said...

K, Sal and Tess, wonderful words, thank you. Sal, you bet, fond memories, they all make us smile! :-)