Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Sale

A lil sweet sale to say thank you to you lovely customers. Each order placed will include a complimentary pair of my Lil Shiny Hoops, made with sterling silver. This is a good time to shop for birthdays and holidays.

It's really hot hear near DC, is it hot where you are? Yesterday I swam some fast laps (actually I used my new aqua-jogger) in the pool. I'm feeling it today. Hoping to get to the pool later ...

My friend Jodi is on her way over to AutumnLeavesJewelry studio. I think she's going to be working with my bracelet mandrel...not sure yet. Hoping to get pics of our smith play date for you  later! :-)

Simply place order and I'll package these up for you, great for gifting or keeping :-)

In other personal news, my father has moved across the country to live in San Diego. He really loves it and says the weather is amazing. I think this equates to year round golf, watching sports with his brother(s) and not shoveling snow anymore. Dad travels a lot, and he has his wonderful circle of West Point buddies...we had dinner with him to say bye-for-now the other weekend.

Me and Dad

Johnny and my Dad

There's a very cool sculpture of a bunny outside of Sweetwater Grill


CheekyLemur said...

You often talk about your Native American Grandma, I can really see your heritage in these great pics.
And what a handsome Dad you have!!

奇濛子 said...
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CarolynArtist said...

Hi Julia! :-) Yes my dad looks quite Native, I seemed to have gathered more of the Italian side -biological mother(it's the nose) :O) Thanks for sharing.

thebearaffair said...

Great pictures of you and your Dad - you are so lucky to bea able to enjoy him so often. I know you will miss him but now you have a good excuse to visit San Diego:O) Hugs, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Sal. I'm afraid when I do get over the fear of flying(for a jaunt to visit Dad) Johnny will want to move there! Too much family moving out West! Must.stop.them!!! (I never thought he'd leave the DC Area!)